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    • Go to AWS Management Console and in the search bar type “Elasticache”
    • ElastiCache dashboard will be shown


  • Click on Get Started Now
  • Select the Cluster engine as “Redis”
  • Give it a name as “MyFirstRedis” and in Description give as “My first redis instance”
  • Come to Node type open it and click on t2 and then select cache.t2.micro because we don’t want any charges
  • Give Number of replicas to 0 because we want things free

ElastiCache 2

  • In subnet group create one and name it as “my-first-subnet-group” and description as “My first subnet group”
  • Scroll down and select any one the subnets listed below

ElastiCache 3

  • Scroll down and check Enable automatic backups is enabled 
  • Keep the Backup retention period as 1 day

ElastiCache 4

  • Click on Create
  • Wait for the status to show as Available
  • Our first Elasticache Redis Cluster or you can say instance is created

ElastiCache 5

  • This is an application specific concern so to use it you have to install Redis drivers for interacting with your Redis Cache

                     These are the steps to create Elasticache

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