How to create an IAM User and User Groups?

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Creating IAM User:-

Let’s begin with creating a new IAM User from your AWS Root Account:-

1. Login to AWS Management Console and search IAM.

You will be now able to interact with your IAM Dashboard.

2. Click on Users in the left sidebar of the dashboard.


3. Click on Add Users in Users.

4. Enter User Name and you can click Add Another User to add as many users you wish in the Set User Details section.

5. In Select AWS Access Type, choose Password – AWS Management Console access in Select AWS Credentials Type.

Select the checkbox against Require password reset to enable IAM User to change the password at the time of account access.

6. Click on Next: Permissions .

You are now on the Set Permissions page. Here you can add users to a group, copy permissions from existing users or attach existing policies directly.

Here we will attach existing policies directly to the IAM User.

7.Click on Attach existing policies directly.

  1. Select the policies from the given Filter Policy list. Now, click Next: tags.

  1. Add Tags and select next to Reviews.
  2. Click on Create User to create a new user.

Now, you can download the Download.csv file which contains usernames and passwords for the users created.

Hurray! You have successfully created your first IAM user using your root user.

Creating User Groups:-

  1. Click on User Group in the left sidebar.
  2. Now, click on Create Group to add a new group for existing users.

3. Enter a Group Name for your user group and add the users to the group.

4. Select any permission policies in Attach permission policies you want to add to the specific group. These Permission policies will be inherited by all the users added to this group.

This step is optional. You can simply skip to step 5.

5. Click on Create Group.

You have successfully configured to create your first User Groups and added users to them.


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