Route 53

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  • Route 53 is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) service
  • DNS translates domain names into IP addresses
  • Able to purchase and manage domain names and automatically configure DNS settings
  • Provides tools for flexible, high-performance, highly available architectures on AWS
  • Multiple routing options

                          Route 53 Hands-On

  • Go to AWS Management console and in the search type “Route 53”
  • You will see Route 53 dashboard

Route 53 1

  • In the left-hand side click on “Registered domains”

Route 53 2

  • Here a domain name is already registered as shown below

Route 53 3

  • For registering a new domain just click on Register Domain

Route 53 4

  • After that it will ask you to choose a domain name of your choice
  • Here we are searching a domain name as “whateveryouwantasadomain” and select  “.click-$5.00” because $5.00 is the lowest price to purchase domain name
  • If it is available it will show as “Available” and for purchasing it click on Add to cart and scroll down and click on Continue

Route 53 5

  • After that it will ask for Personal information just enter all the details and click on Continue
  • Review all your details and click on Complete Purchase
  • The complete process will take an hour to register domain name and it will also ask for verification of the email address. Verify it
  • Now you will see that the domain name is registered and you will see the expiration date

Route 53 6

  • A Hosted Zone is also created for you
  • In the left-hand side click on Hosted Zone which is shown in below figure

Route 53 7

  These are the steps to create a Route 53

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