Are you preparing for an Amazon interview?

Did you ever think about what you need to get prepared? Either you will prepare your core subjects very profoundly and some tricky questions. But all apart, big tech companies like Amazon not only want their employees to be educated, but they also wish their employees to be of good behavior, have high morals, and a problem solvers. To find such an employee, the companies monitor the candidate’s behavior and way of expressing the answers. This factor impacts your selection.

Here are 10 points to take care of and prepare before your Amazon interview.

“If you are well prepared in the behavioral aspect, your selection chances get boosted by 2 times,” say experts.

Q1. Prepare for behavioral-based Amazon interview questions

It’s not only your statical and conceptual knowledge that an interviewer is looking forward to you. Any corporation looks forward to an employee who can think out of the box and establish good behavior in the environment.

Think of this: any big tech corporation like Amazon has a well-established market. So what do they need? They only need to scale their business and maintain the flow of the company. This requires an employee with skills and good behavioral patterns. So don’t forget to work on it.

Q2. Use the STAR method in your response

This seems tiny, but it boosts your selection probability by high credibility. Try to STAR point your answers. Please find out the proper formats of your performance before representing them. The tasks, actions, achievements, and goals you have experienced are noticeable and must be formatted to boost your potential.

STAR points show the minimalistic details of your achievements to come out, but it’s not the only representation. Actually, it’s a better representation that is needed. So, once you format your details, start practicing the answer in a mirror with your partner or tutor.

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Q3. Believe in details

So, if you have experience, don’t hesitate to explore it. Dig deeper into your skills and convey that in your interview. This marks a stamp that you are a well-skilled person for the position. Just surfing over the topic can be a red light for you.

Just think that if I am paying you a high salary and an excellent work-life, why wouldn’t I expect you to be highly skilled? Your answers are the only thing going forward to the interviewer. So be calm but don’t jump out. Share the details and dig deeper into every topic or question.

Q4. Focus on “I” not we

Try to put forward what you have accomplished to date. Amazon cares about what you have solely performed or achieved. As you join a big organization, you are expected to complete many tasks and projects independently. So the interviewer is interested in what you have done alone in your experience, not as a team. Build a checklist of what you have achieved and prepare it well and organized.

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Q5. Build your failures

No one has zero failures. If you hide your failures, it will show that you fear sharing those in your mind. Instead, try to show your failure and how you overcome that. Even many significant projects of Amazon have their roots in failure, so don’t worry. Your way of tackling the problem or failure shows you as a better choice.

Q6. Know your “Why Amazon”

“Why Amazon” is a very common and tricky question. Once the interviewer reaches the phase where they ask, “Why do you want to join Amazon” the candidate feels that they are selected and missed their opportunity. Many candidates say they are excited to join Amazon, they fit the position, and they will serve best.

But the interviewer wants to listen to how you will be profitable for them, how you will serve them back, and why only you will be a suitable investment.

Consider this question your financial investment, and check out what kinds of returns you expect. Every employee is a kind of financial investment for any corporation.

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Q7. Ask questions for your clarity

Suppose you are not getting any questions. Just cross-question the interviewer for clarity. This gives you a span to think it over, and the interviewer nowhere wants to reject you. They are there to get the best candidate, and that’s why they also want you to answer and like to help you out. Don’t you believe this?

“We ask a lot of questions at Amazon,” said Jackson. Amazon has an environment of asking questions to grow together, and they want to establish the same environment in an interview. So, feel free to ask.

Q8. Practice writing

Worried, but it’s true. Amazon also looks over your writing skills, and they do not check your traditional writing skill. It’s a bit different.

Amazon doesn’t rely very much on PowerPoint presentations and slides in their meeting; instead, they have written memos that they read firmly at the start of the meeting. It includes project goals, ideas, tactics, outcomes, and plans. Your writing skill test will depend on the post you are applying but do prepare for it.

Q9. Study the leadership principles

Leadership is a quality that always plays an upper hand in your interviews. As an employee, you are expected to grow with your career, and at any point, you have to play the role of a leader, either in planning a scrum meeting or solely leading any project. So, having a good knowledge of leadership principles will always play an upper hand.

Q10. Know Amazon’s culture

At last, you will join one of the giants in the industry, so you must research Amazon’s culture. Look over the company’s principles and make a tough decision that the company fits you.

Follow these aspects to overcome your competitors and make a markable impression on the interviewer. Do practice a lot and reach us for any help needed. Good luck with your interview. Happily Thinkcloudly!