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Microsoft Power BI Online Training Course

Welcome to the Microsoft Power BI Online Training Course!

Master concepts such as Power BI Desktop, Architecture, DAX, Service, Mobile Apps, Reports, and Q&A, among many others, with industry experts. This Power BI training is live, instructor-led, providing hands-on experience in real-time projects. Learn data visualization and analytics with this Microsoft Power BI Training and get certified in Microsoft Power BI PL-300.

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Duration : 25+

Microsoft Power BI Training Course Highlights

In this comprehensive Power BI Training, you’ll learn to fully utilize data visualization, create stunning interactive reports, and drive data-driven decisions. Gain hands-on experience with real-world projects and emerge as a certified Power BI expert.

Microsoft Power BI Training Course Learnings

Understanding the fundamentals of Power BI and its ecosystem.

Learning effective techniques for visualizing data to communicate insights.

Applying acquired knowledge and skills to real-world business scenarios.

Mastering DAX functions for advanced data analysis and calculations.

Designing impactful dashboards to convey key metrics and trends.

Microsoft Power BI Training Course Curriculam

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Stages of business intelligence (BI)
  • Use cases of BI
  • Various BI tools
  • Overview of Data warehouse & concepts
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Why Power BI
  • Power BI Components
  • Power BI pricing structure
  • Building blocks of Power BI
  • Architecture of Power BI
  • Power BI vs Tableau vs QlikView
  • Introduction of Power BI Desktop
  • Installation of Power BI Desktop
  • The key features of Power BI workflow
  • Process of creating reports in Power BI
  • Overview of Power BI desktop
  • Data sources in Power BI
  • Using files (excel, pdf, csv, etc.) as a data source
  • Using SaaS connectors
  • Extracting data from folders, and databases
  • Working with Azure SQL database and database sources
  • Connecting to Analysis Services
  • Other data sources (OData, web, SharePoint etc.)
  • Python & R script in Power BI
  • Introduction of power query editor
  • Advance editor
  • Query dependency editor
  • Shaping data using Power Query Editor
  • Formatting data
  • Transformation of data
  • Understanding of Data types
  • Data profiling for data quality check
  • Naming conventions & best practices to consider
  • Identify and create appropriate keys for joins
  • Working with Parameters
  • Merge Query
  • Append Query
  • Group by of data (aggregation of data)
  • Applied steps (query settings)
  • Duplicate & Reference tables
  • Transpose of data
  • Fill
  • Pivot & Un-pivot of data
  • Custom columns
  • Conditional columns
  • Replace data from the tables
  • Split columns values
  • Move columns & sorting of data
  • Detect data type, count rows & reverse rows
  • Promote rows as column headers
  • Hierarchies in Power BI
  • M query
  • Introduction of relationships
  • Creating relationships
  • Cardinality
  • Cross filter direction
  • Use of inactive relationships
  • Introduction of DAX
  • Why DAX is used
  • DAX syntax
  • DAX functions
  • Context in DAX
  • Calculated columns using DAX
  • Measures using DAX
  • Calculated tables using DAX
  • Learning about table, information, logical, text, iterator,
  • Time intelligence functions (YTD, QTD, MTD)
  • Cumulative values, calculated tables, and ranking and rank over groups
  • Date and time functions
  • identify poorly performing measures, relationships, and visuals
  • DAX advanced features
  • Introduction of relationships
  • Creating relationships
  • Cardinality
  • Cross filter direction
  • Use of inactive relationship
  • Introduction of DAX
  • Why DAX is used
  • DAX syntax
  • DAX functions
  • Context in DAX
  • Calculated columns using DAX
  • Measures using DAX
  • Calculated tables using DAX
  • Learning about table, information, logical, text, iterator,
  • Time intelligence functions (YTD, QTD, MTD)
  • Cumulative values, calculated tables, and ranking and rank over groups
  • Date and time functions
  • identify poorly performing measures, relationships,
  • and visuals
  • DAX advanced features
  • Deep dive into Power BI data visualization
  • Understanding Power View and Power Map
  • Data visualization techniques
  • Page layout & Formatting
  • Power BI Desktop visualization
  • Formatting and customizing visuals
  • Visualization interaction
  • Custom visualization in Power BI
  • Top-down and bottom-up analytics
  • Drill down
  • Drill through
  • Page navigations
  • Bookmarks
  • Selection pane to show/hide visuals
  • Comparing volume and value-based analytics
  • Combinations charts (dual axis charts)
  • Filter pane
  • Slicers
  • Use of Hierarchies in drill down analysis
  • Theme for corporate standards
  • Power BI template for design reusability
  • Mastering the best practices
  • Performance analyser in Power BI for
  • monitoring performance of report
  • Power BI Q&A (Natural Language Query visual)
  • Sync slicers
  • Tooltips & custom tooltips
  • Tables & matrix
  • Conditional formatting on visuals
  • Waterfall chart, KPI, Donut chart, Scatter chart
  • Geographical data visualization using Maps
  • Introduction to Power BI Service
  • Introduction of workspaces
  • Dashboard
  • Creating & Configuring Dashboards
  • Dashboard theme
  • Reports vs Dashboards
  • Building workspace Apps
  • Sharing reports & dashboards
  • configure subscriptions and data alerts
  • Paginated report and Introduction to Power Q & A
  • Program Curriculum
  • Create Deployment Pipelines
  • Benefits of Deployment Pipelines
  • Introduction of Sensitivity Labels
  • Introduction of Power BI Goals feature
  • Incremental data load in Power BI
  • use AI visuals
  • use the Forecast feature
  • Power BI best practice rules to improve performance
  • Getting to understand Power BI Desktop settings
  • Aggregating data from multiple data sources
  • Power BI Service settings
  • Power BI Admin Portal
  • Administration activities
  • Power BI usage analysis
  • Introduction of Office 365 admin activities
  • Introduction of Data Gateway
  • Installation & Configuration of data gateways
  • Scheduling auto data refresh
  • Managing groups, row-level security, datasets, reports,and dashboards
  • Real time data analysis using Direct Connectivity
  • Direct Query vs Import Mode
  • Introduction to embedded Power BI
  • Create embedded code
  • Manage embedded code
  • Integration of Power BI in SharePoint
  • Introduction of Power BI API
  • Power BI Embedded playground
  • Introduction to Power BI Mobile
  • Creating mobile based reports & dashboards
  • Optimizing report for Power BI mobile app
  • Features of Power BI mobile app
  • Introduction of integrating Power BI & Excel
  • Power BI Analyze in Excel
  • Introduction of Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Premium per user
  • Power BI Premium features
  • Introduction to Data Flow
  • Create Data Flow
  • Advantages of Data Flow
  • Create reports using Data Flow
  • Introduction to Power BI Deployment Pipelines

Training And Package Fee

One-On-One Training Course @ $1499

Microsoft Power BI Training Course Outcomes

Career Advancement Opportunities in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Deeper Business Insights through Data-driven Approaches.

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills at an Advanced Level.

Proficiency in Data Analytics through Power BI.

Certification as a Power BI Expert.

What roles you can play?

Data Analysts

Data Analysts Analyzes data using Power BI to derive insights and support decision-making processes.

Marketing Analyst

Can use Power BI to analyze marketing campaigns, track customer behavior, and optimize strategies for better ROI.

Reporting Analyst

Reporting Analyst Generates detailed reports using Power BI to present key metrics and trends.

BI Analyst

Business Intelligence Analys Utilizes Power BI to create visualizations and reports for strategic business analysis.

BI Developer

BI Developer Develops and maintains business intelligence solutions, including data models and reports, using Power BI.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst Collaborates with stakeholders to gather and analyze requirements, using Power BI to provide data-driven insights.

Know before you Start

The course primarily focuses on empowering participants with the skills and knowledge to utilize the full potential of Microsoft Power BI for data visualization, analysis and reporting.

Practical experience is integrated through real-world projects and practical exercises, allowing participants to apply their learning to real data scenarios and gain practical skills.

The course provides comprehensive certification preparation, including practice exams and guidance to help participants prepare for the official Microsoft Power BI certification exams.

The course covers advanced topics such as DAX (Data Analysis Expression) functions in depth, which enable participants to perform complex calculations and analysis within Power BI.

Completing this course equipped participants with the skills to excel in a variety of roles ranging from Data Analysts to Business Intelligence Developers, enhancing career prospects and enabling them to make data-driven decisions Which will provide success to the business.

Skills You Will Gain

Data Visualization

Data Transformation

Report Creation

Dashboard Design

Advanced Analytics

DAX Functions

Data Integration

Query Optimization

Power Query

Data Security



Certification Overview

Earning Microsoft Power BI certification validates your expertise in using Power BI for data analysis, visualization, and reporting, making you a recognized authority in the field and improving your career prospects. There is improvement. increases.
The training program covers a series of Microsoft Power BI certifications, including the Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Data Analyst Associate certifications.
The training program provides comprehensive exam preparation, including practice tests, exam-specific guidance, and practical labs to ensure participants are well-prepared to pass their chosen Power BI certification exam. Well prepared. Are ready since.
You can find more information about the exam, including detailed exam objectives, preparation tips, and registration details, on the official Microsoft certification website.
Obtaining Microsoft Power BI certification can benefit individuals by boosting their career opportunities and earning potential. For organizations, certified professionals can contribute to better data-driven decision making, better data management, and enhanced business intelligence capabilities.

Career Services

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Technology Use Cases


Microsoft relies on Power BI training to enhance data-driven decision making across the company.

General Electric (GE)

GE uses Power BI training to optimize operations and equipment performance.

Our Students Work at

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Microsoft Power BI Online Training Course


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