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Cybersecurity Live Projects: Hands-On Training for Real-World Protection

Delve into the realm of cybersecurity excellence with our “Cybersecurity Live Projects” course. Your existing certificate showcases your dedication, and now, unlock the power of hands-on learning through five immersive real-time projects.
Navigate diverse challenges with the aid of cutting-edge tools like Wazuh, Openvas, Wireshark, Zeek, and Velociraptor. Notably, our Malware Analysis project will expose you to real-life samples, equipping you to combat emerging threats. Embark on this transformative journey and be ready to shape a secure digital future.

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Duration : 30+

Cybersecurity live Projects Highlights

Master cybersecurity tools (Wazuh, Openvas, Wireshark & Zeek, Velociraptor) through 15-hour real-world projects. Gain expert guidance, enhance your career prospects, and join a network of cybersecurity professionals. Shape a secure digital future with us

Cybersecurity live Projects Learnings

Master the art of controlled brute-forcing techniques for security assessment.

Analyze network traffic with Wireshark for anomaly detection and investigation.

Proficiently identify and exploit vulnerabilities using Kali Linux.

Conduct comprehensive vulnerability scans with OpenVAS.

Effectively deploy Velociraptor for advanced endpoint analysis.

Cybersecurity live Projects

In this project, you’ll step into the shoes of a cybersecurity detective. Dive deep into the art of password cracking, a skill essential for protecting against unauthorized access. Uncover hidden secrets, solve cryptic puzzles, and defend digital fortresses.

  • Introduction to Password Cracking and Brute Force Attacks.
  • Cracking Real-World Passwords and Defense Strategies.
  • Hands-On Challenge: Crack the Vault (Realistic Scenario).

Hands-On Topics:

  • Setting Up Password Cracking Tools.
  • Cracking Passwords Using Dictionary Attacks.
  • Employing Brute Force Techniques.
  • Analyzing Password Hashes.
  • Developing Strong Password Policies.

Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of ethical hacking. With Kali Linux as your trusty companion, explore the tactics used by real hackers and learn how to defend against them. Become the hero who safeguards networks and systems.

  • Introduction to Kali Linux and Navigating the Environment.
  • Exploiting Vulnerabilities and Safeguarding Systems.
  • Kali Linux Capstone Project: Secure Your Network.

Hands-On Topics:

  • Kali Linux Installation and Configuration
  • Scanning for Vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting Security Weaknesses
  • Crafting Secure Configurations
  • Realistic Ethical Hacking Scenarios


It’s time to put on your detective hat once more. OpenVAS will be your magnifying glass as you uncover hidden vulnerabilities in networks and systems. Learn to assess, analyze, and fortify against potential threats.

  • Understanding Vulnerabilities and OpenVAS Scanning.
  • Analyzing Vulnerability Reports and Mitigating Vulnerabilities.
  • OpenVAS Challenge: Secure a Network (Practical Assessment).

Hands-On Topics:

  • Understanding Vulnerability Assessment
  • Scanning for Network Weaknesses
  • Interpreting Vulnerability Reports
  • Prioritizing Vulnerabilities
  • Patching and Mitigation Strategies

Dive into the world of endpoint analysis. Velociraptor, your cyber forensics toolkit, will help you investigate security incidents and track down digital culprits. Crack open the digital case files and solve mysteries.

  • Introduction to Endpoint Analysis and Velociraptor Deployment.
  • Analyzing Endpoint Data and Incident Response with Velociraptor.
  • Velociraptor Project: Solve the Mystery (Practical Scenario).

Hands-On Topics:

  • Deploying Velociraptor Agents
  • Endpoint Data Collection and Analysis
  • Incident Response Procedures
  • Hunting for Advanced Threats
  • Reporting and Documentation

Become a cybersecurity guardian with Wazuh as your sentinel. This project equips you with the skills to monitor, detect, and respond to security events in real-time. Protect networks, systems, and data from digital intruders.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Wazuh Setup.
  • Monitoring Security Events and Incident Response with Wazuh.
  • Wazuh Challenge: Protect a Network (Hands-On Evaluation).

Hands-On Topics:

  • Setting Up Wazuh for SIEM
  • Monitoring Security Events
  • Creating Custom Rules and Alerts
  • Incident Handling and Escalation
  • Threat Hunting Techniques

Uncover the secrets hidden in the digital ether. Wireshark, your digital microscope, lets you dissect network traffic and discover anomalies. It’s like being a digital detective, decoding the language of the web.

  • Introduction to Network Traffic Analysis and Capturing Packets.
  • Analyzing Network Packets and Identifying Anomalies.
  • Investigating Security Incidents with Wireshark.
  • Wireshark Masterpiece: Uncover the Mystery Traffic (Practical Scenario).

Hands-On Topics:

  • Capturing Network Packets
  • Analyzing Protocols and Traffic Patterns
  • Detecting Suspicious Activity
  • Investigating Data Exfiltration
  • Real-World Cybersecurity Incident Scenarios

Training And Package Fee

One-On-One Training Course @ $1499

Cybersecurity live Projects Outcomes

Mastery of Essential Tools

Enhanced Problem-Solving Abilities

Adeptness in Incident Response

Skillful Vulnerability Management

Proficiency in Malware Analysis

What roles you can play?

Cybersecurity Analyst

Monitor and analyze security data, identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating threats to safeguard digital assets.

Security Engineer

Design, implement, and maintain security solutions, from firewalls to encryption, to fortify an organization's defenses.

Penetration Tester

Simulate cyberattacks to identify weaknesses in systems, applications, and networks, providing actionable insights for improvement.

Incident Responder

Swiftly react to security incidents, conducting investigations, and implementing measures to minimize damage.

Forensic Analyst

Investigate cyber incidents, collect evidence, and analyze digital artifacts to determine the cause and impact of security breaches.

Security Consultant

Provide expert advice to organizations on cybersecurity strategies, risk assessments, and compliance with industry regulations.

Know before you Start

The “Cybersecurity Live Projects” offer hands-on experience where you apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios, honing problem-solving skills and mastering industry tools. This practical approach readies you for actual cybersecurity challenges and builds adaptable expertise.

The “Cybersecurity Live Projects” serve as invaluable preparation for certification exams by offering hands-on application of knowledge, tool mastery, and problem-solving experience, ensuring confidence and readiness for success.

Prior foundational knowledge of cybersecurity concepts and basic familiarity with networking are recommended prerequisites for the “Cybersecurity Live Projects” course. The course caters to beginners and those with prior experience, ensuring an inclusive and comprehensive learning journey.

The “Cybersecurity Live Projects” integrate a range of tools and services including Wazuh (EDR), Openvas (vulnerability management), Wireshark & Zeek (network monitoring), Velociraptor (incident response), and real-life malware analysis. These resources enable a comprehensive skill development across varied cybersecurity domains.

Upon completing the “Cybersecurity Live Project,” you’ll be well-suited for roles such as Cybersecurity Analyst, Incident Responder, Penetration Tester, Security Consultant, and Network Security Engineer. The practical skills gained align with these positions, facilitating a strong start in your cybersecurity career.

Skills You Will Gain

Network Security

Vulnerability Assessment

Incident Response

Penetration Testing

Malware Analysis


Security Tools


Risk Assessment


Ethical Hacking


Career Services

Template is not defined.

Technology Use Cases


Protects software, services, and hardware solutions with robust cybersecurity measures.


Safeguards data integrity across software products and cloud services through cybersecurity practices.

Our Students Work at

Cybersecurity live Projects Reviews


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Cybersecurity Live Projects: Hands-On Training for Real-World Protection


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