Our Roadmap

1. Learn Courses

  • No matter your skill level, start learning today!
  • Streamline your preparation with a range of cloud computing courses from basic to advanced.
  • Utilize our industry experts for questions, guidance, and support.
  • Sign up and create an account right now to get started.

2. Live Projects

  • A chance to practice your cloud skills before going on to an actual job.
  • Learn design, implementation and troubleshooting of live projects
  • Practice for real-time projects with actual hands-on experience
  • Enhance your ability to understand how to use cloud technology
  • Get more practical, hands-on experience of using cloud products

3. Certification Assistance

  • Showcase your knowledge and professional skills
  • Enhance your career prospects with certificate qualification.
  • Flawlessly prepare for the certification exam with Thinkcloudly team’s assistance
  • Attend interviews and get shortlisted with a high-quality certificate
  • Get one-on-one consultation services for certificate exam preparation

4. Interview Preparation

  • Live interview simulation testing your skills for success
  • Learning to tell your story through your resume
  • How to demonstrate the skills and experience that you offer
  • How to handle common questions in an interview
  • Having a complete understanding of what an interviewer is looking for

5. Resume Preparation

  • Get a professional resume ready to get noticed by the right people.
  • Consult with industry professionals to design your resume 
  • Creates a resume to suit the job requirements
  • Save your time by letting our experts help you in resume preparation
  • Let our experts evaluate your profile, analyse your skills and academic records to design your resume

6. Job Support

  • Get help from experienced professionals who can solve your doubts and queries in a short span of time
  • Work successfully with your team members and colleagues to achieve the desired goals
  • Get the answers to your queries
  • Reassure you that you are not alone in difficult situations of life and work, be courageous and achieve success

Disclaimer : We do not ask for any confidential information or your code, we just give advice on how you can solve a particular error or issue.