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DP-300 Certification: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions Course

Master the art of Azure SQL Solutions administration with Microsoft DP-300 Certification, the premier course for aspiring database administrators. Gain in-demand skills to manage and optimize SQL Server and SQL database services on Azure DP-300, empowering organizations to thrive in the cloud era.Stay ahead of the competition and unlock a world of career opportunities by enrolling in DP-300 Course today. Don’t miss your chance to become a sought-after Azure database administrator and make a significant impact in the realm of data administration. Take the first step towards a successful future – join Microsoft DP-300 Certification Course and elevate your skills to new heights!

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Duration : 40+

Azure DP-300 Certification

Azure DP-300 Certification: Administering Microsoft Azure Course Highlights

Prepare for a transformative learning experience with Microsoft DP-300 Certifcation Course. DP-300 Course provides a hands-on and immersive approach, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. Gain valuable skills in administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions through practical exercises and guidance from industry-leading instructors.

Enrolling in Microsoft DP-300 Certification Course opens doors to exciting job opportunities and career growth. The demand for skilled Azure database administrators is soaring, making your expertise highly valuable across industries. Whether you aim to advance in your current role or explore new career paths, DP-300 Training equips you with the knowledge and credentials to stand out from the competition.

Take the next step in your professional journey today. Join Azure DP-300 Certification Training, unleash your potential, enhance your job prospects, and make a significant impact in the world of cloud-based data administration. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative learning journey that will shape your future in remarkable ways.

Microsoft DP-300 Certification: Administering Microsoft Azure Course Learnings

Master SQL database administration.

Explore cloud era data administration.

Automate routine database maintenance tasks.

Master database administration on Azure SQL Solutions.

Troubleshoot common issues in Azure SQL environments.

Microsoft DP-300 Certification: Administering Microsoft Azure Course Curriculam

  • Azure Database Platforms and Options
  • SQL Server Compatibility Levels
  • Azure Preview Features
  • Lab : Using the Azure Portal and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Provision a SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine
  • Connect to SQL Server and Restore a Backup
  • Deploying SQL Server using IaaS
  • Deploying SQL Server using PaaS
  • Deploying Open Source Database Solutions on Azure
  • Lab: Deploying Azure SQL Database
  • Deploy a VM using an ARM template
  • Configure resources needed prior to creating a database
  • Deploy an Azure SQL Database
  • Register the Azure SQL Database instance in Azure Data Studio and validate the connectivity
  • Deploy PostgreSQL or MySQL using a client tool to validate connectivity
  • Configure Database Authentication
  • Configure Database Authorization
  • Implement Security for Data at Rest
  • Implement Security for Data in Transit
  • Implement Compliance Controls for Sensitive Data
  • Lab: Implement a Secure Environment
  • Configure a server-based firewall rule using the Azure Portal
  • Authorize Access to Azure SQL Database with Azure Active Directory
  • Enable Advanced Data Security and Data Classification
  • Manage access to database objects
  • Baselines and Performance Monitoring
  • Major Causes of Performance Issues
  • Configuring Resources for Optimal Performance
  • User Database Configuration
  • Performance-related Maintenance Tasks
  • Lab: Monitor and Optimize Resources
  • Isolate CPU Problems
  • Use Query Store observe blocking problems
  • Detect and correct fragmentation issues
  • Understanding SQL Server Query Plans
  • Explore Performance-based Database Design
  • Evaluate Performance Improvements
  • Lab: Query Performance Troubleshooting
  • Identify issues with database design AdventureWorks2017
  • Isolate problem areas in poorly performing queries in AdventureWorks2017
  • Use Query Store to detect and handle regression in AdventureWorks2017
  • Use query hints to impact performance in AdventureWorks2017
  • Setting up Automatic Deployment
  • Defining Scheduled Tasks
  • Configuring Extended Events
  • Managing Azure PaaS resources Using Automated Methods
  • Lab: Automating Tasks
  • Deploy an Azure template from a Quickstart template on GitHub
  • Configure notifications based on performance metrics
  • Deploy an Azure Automation Runbook (or elastic job) to rebuild indexes on an Azure SQL Database
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • IaaS Platform and Database Tools for HADR
  • PaaS Platform and Database Tools for HADR
  • Database Backup and Recovery
  • Lab: Plan and Implement a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment
  • Create an Always On Availability Group
  • Enable Geo-Replication for Azure SQL Database
  • Backup to URL and Restore from URL

Training And Package Fee

One-On-One Training Course @ $1499

Azure DP-300 Certification Course: Administering Microsoft Azure Course Outcomes

Utilize advanced Azure DP-300 features efficiently.

Collaborate with Azure architects and developers.

Troubleshoot and resolve SQL-related issues on Azure.

Gain expertise in cloud-based database administration.

Prepare for real-world Azure database administration challenges.

What roles you can play?

Azure Database Administrator

Effectively manage and administer Azure SQL Databases, Instances, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

Database Architect

Design robust database architectures on Azure, incorporating Azure SQL solutions for organization's data needs.

Data Platform Consultant

Optimize Azure SQL solutions, ensuring efficient data management and guiding businesses in implementation.

Cloud Database Engineer

Utilize your expertise in Azure SQL solutions to design, implement, and maintain cloud-based database systems for organizations.

Azure Cloud Solution Specialist

Assist clients in selecting and implementing Azure SQL solutions, ensuring alignment with business requirements.

Azure Database Developer

Leverage Azure SQL administration expertise to optimize applications interacting with Azure SQL databases.

Know before you Start

DP-300 refers to the Microsoft certification exam with the code “DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure.” It is a professional-level exam that focuses on assessing the knowledge and skills of individuals in administering and managing relational databases on the Microsoft Azure platform. The exam covers various topics related to Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. By passing the DP-300 exam, individuals can demonstrate their proficiency in administering Microsoft Azure SQL solutions and earn the corresponding certification.

An Azure Database Administrator is a highly skilled professional responsible for managing and administering Azure SQL solutions. They possess in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure and are proficient in configuring, optimizing, and maintaining various database services offered by Azure, including Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and SQL Server deployments on Azure Virtual Machines.

Azure Database Administrators are experts in database performance tuning, ensuring efficient query execution and resource utilization. They implement robust security measures to protect data, including authentication, authorization, and encryption. Additionally, they handle backup and restore operations to safeguard critical data and design high availability and disaster recovery strategies to ensure business continuity.

In collaboration with development and operations teams, Azure Database Administrators play a vital role in ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of databases. They monitor database performance, identify and resolve issues, and implement optimizations to enhance efficiency and scalability.

With their comprehensive understanding of Azure SQL solutions, Azure Database Administrators contribute to the successful implementation and management of cloud-based databases, empowering organizations to leverage the full potential of Azure’s data services.

Tasks of an Azure Database Administrator:

Azure Database Administrators are responsible for a wide range of tasks related to managing and administering Azure SQL solutions. Here are some key tasks they typically perform:

  • Configuring and provisioning Azure SQL databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and SQL Server deployments on Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Optimizing database performance by monitoring and tuning query execution, indexing, and resource allocation.
  • Implementing security measures such as authentication, authorization, and data encryption to protect sensitive data.
  • Performing regular backup and restore operations to ensure data availability and recoverability in case of failures or disasters.
  • Designing and implementing high availability and disaster recovery strategies to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.
  • Monitoring database health and performance metrics, diagnosing and resolving issues, and implementing proactive measures to prevent future problems.
  • Managing database access and permissions, creating and maintaining user accounts, and ensuring compliance with data governance policies.
  • Collaborating with development and operations teams to optimize database design, troubleshoot application-related issues, and support the deployment of new applications.
  • Staying updated with the latest Azure SQL technologies and industry best practices, continuously enhancing skills and knowledge in database administration.

These tasks collectively contribute to the efficient management, performance, security, and availability of Azure SQL solutions, enabling organizations to leverage the full potential of their data in the cloud.

Skills you will learn in the Azure DP-300 Certification Course: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions (DBA) course:

  • Azure SQL Database Administration: Gain expertise in configuring, managing, and monitoring Azure SQL databases, including resource provisioning, security implementation, and performance optimization.

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance Administration: Learn to administer Azure SQL Managed Instances, covering topics such as deployment, scaling, high availability, backup and restore, and security.

  • SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines: Understand how to deploy, configure, and administer SQL Server instances running on Azure Virtual Machines, including tasks like installation, connectivity, maintenance, and disaster recovery.

  • Query Performance Optimization: Acquire techniques to optimize query performance by understanding query execution plans, indexing strategies, statistics management, and query tuning methods.

  • Data Security and Compliance: Learn to implement robust security measures for data protection, including authentication, authorization, encryption, and compliance controls to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Backup and Restore Operations: Master the concepts and techniques for performing backup and restore operations for Azure SQL databases, Azure SQL Managed Instances, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Understand the principles and strategies for ensuring high availability and disaster recovery in Azure SQL solutions, including failover clustering, availability groups, and replication.

  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Learn how to monitor the performance and health of Azure SQL solutions, identify and resolve performance issues, and implement proactive monitoring and alerting.

  • Automation and Scripting: Gain proficiency in automating administrative tasks and implementing configurations using scripting languages like T-SQL and PowerShell.

  • Collaboration and Integration: Explore integration possibilities with other Azure services, such as Azure Active Directory, Azure Monitor, and Azure Logic Apps, to streamline workflows and enhance the overall administration experience.

By developing these skills, you will be equipped to effectively administer Azure SQL solutions, optimize performance, ensure data security, and provide reliable database services in the Azure environment.

Jobs you can pursue after Microsoft DP-300 certification:

  • Azure Database Administrator:

    As an Azure Database Administrator, you will be responsible for managing and administering Azure SQL solutions. Your role involves tasks such as configuring and optimizing databases, ensuring data security, implementing backup and recovery strategies, and monitoring performance.

  • Database Administrator (DBA):

    With Azure DP-300 Training certification, you can pursue a career as a Database Administrator, responsible for managing databases, ensuring their availability, integrity, and performance. You will handle tasks such as database design, implementation, security, backup and recovery, and troubleshooting.

  • Cloud Database Administrator:

    As a Cloud Database Administrator, you will specialize in managing databases in cloud environments. Your role involves tasks such as provisioning and configuring cloud-based databases, ensuring data security, implementing scalability and high availability, and optimizing performance in the cloud.

  • Data Engineer:

    With Azure DP-300 Training Certification, you can explore opportunities as a Data Engineer, responsible for designing, building, and maintaining data solutions. Your role includes tasks such as data integration, data transformation, data modeling, and ensuring data quality and integrity.

  • Data Platform Consultant:

    As a Data Platform Consultant, you will provide expert guidance and consulting services to organizations on their data platform solutions. Your role involves assessing requirements, designing database solutions, optimizing performance, and recommending best practices for data management and administration.

  • Database Developer:

    With DP-300 Training, you can pursue a career as a Database Developer, responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining database applications. Your role includes tasks such as writing SQL queries, creating database structures, implementing stored procedures, and ensuring efficient data access and manipulation.

These roles offer exciting opportunities in various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. With the growing demand for skilled database professionals, Azure DP-300 certification can open doors to a rewarding career in the field of database administration and management.

Skills You Will Gain

Azure SQL

SQL Server








Data Security



Certification Overview

Azure DP-300, also known as “Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure,” is a certification exam offered by Microsoft as part of their Azure certification program. It focuses on the skills and knowledge required to administer and manage relational databases on the Azure platform.

The Azure DP-300 exam is designed for database administrators who work with Azure and are responsible for implementing and managing databases. It covers various topics related to deploying, securing, monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting Azure SQL databases.

Here are some key areas covered in the DP-300 exam:

  1. Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure: This includes understanding Azure SQL deployment options, managing storage and security, configuring connectivity, and implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
  2. Administering and Monitoring Databases: This section covers managing and maintaining databases, monitoring performance and optimizing query execution, implementing security and auditing, and managing data and backups.
  3. Performance Optimization and Troubleshooting: This includes understanding performance monitoring and tuning techniques, troubleshooting database issues, and optimizing Azure SQL database performance.
  4. Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery: This section covers configuring high availability solutions such as failover groups and geo-replication, implementing backup and restore strategies, and designing disaster recovery solutions.

By earning the DP-300 certification, individuals demonstrate their expertise in administering relational databases on the Microsoft Azure platform. It signifies their ability to efficiently manage Azure SQL databases, ensuring their security, performance, and availability.

The worth of the DP-300 certification depends on various factors, including your career goals, job requirements, and your level of experience with Azure and database administration. Here are some points to consider when determining the worth of the DP-300 certification:

  1. Job Opportunities: The DP-300 certification can enhance your credentials and make you more competitive in the job market. Many organizations use Azure for their database management, and having the DP-300 certification can demonstrate your expertise in administering Azure SQL databases. It can open up opportunities for roles such as Azure database administrator, cloud database engineer, or cloud solutions architect.
  2. Skill Validation: The DP-300 certification validates your knowledge and skills in administering and managing relational databases on the Azure platform. It covers various aspects of Azure SQL database management, including deployment, security, performance optimization, and high availability. By earning the DP-300 certification through training and a dedicated DP-300 course, you can showcase your proficiency in these areas, which can boost your confidence and credibility.
  3. Career Advancement: If you are already working in a database administration role or planning to pursue a career in this field, the DP-300 certification can be valuable for career advancement. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and keeps you updated with the latest practices and technologies in Azure database administration. It may also increase your chances of promotions, salary increments, or new opportunities within your organization.
  4. Industry Recognition: Microsoft certifications, including the DP-300 certification, are widely recognized in the industry. By successfully completing the DP-300 exam and obtaining the DP-300 certification, you can establish your professional reputation and differentiate yourself from others in the field.
  5. Knowledge Expansion: Even if you are already familiar with Azure and database administration, preparing for the DP-300 exam through DP-300 training and a comprehensive DP-300 course can provide you with a structured learning path and expand your knowledge in specific areas. The DP-300 course covers a wide range of topics relevant to Azure SQL databases and their management, ensuring you have a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.

Ultimately, the worth of the DP-300 certification depends on your specific career goals and circumstances. Consider assessing the job market, researching the requirements of your target roles, and evaluating how the DP-300 certification aligns with your professional aspirations. This can help you determine whether pursuing the DP-300 certification and investing in DP-300 training and a DP-300 course is a worthwhile decision for your career growth and success.

The DP-300 certification exam, along with DP-300 training and a dedicated DP-300 course, can play a significant role in advancing your career as an Azure Database Administrator. The DP-300 exam assesses your knowledge and skills in administering relational databases on the Microsoft Azure platform.

To prepare for the DP-300 exam, you have the option to undergo DP-300 training, which provides comprehensive instruction on the topics covered in the exam. Participating in a DP-300 course can provide you with a structured learning experience, covering various areas such as deploying and configuring infrastructure, administering and monitoring databases, performance optimization, and implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

Successfully passing the DP-300 exam not only validates your proficiency as an Azure Database Administrator but also earns you the DP-300 certification. This industry-recognized certification demonstrates your expertise in managing Azure SQL databases, which can enhance your professional reputation and make you more competitive in the job market.

When considering the worth of the DP-300 certification, it is essential to factor in the cost. The DP-300 exam has a fee of $165, which covers the cost of the exam itself. There are no prerequisites for the DP-300 exam, so the $165 fee is the total cost required to pursue the certification.

Investing in DP-300 training and a dedicated DP-300 course can further enhance your chances of success in the exam. These resources provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills that align with the exam objectives, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of Azure database administration.

By earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification through the DP-300 exam, you can demonstrate your expertise in administering Azure SQL databases, improve your career prospects, and potentially gain access to job opportunities in roles such as Azure database administrator, cloud database engineer, or cloud solutions architect.

Ultimately, the DP-300 exam, combined with DP-300 training and a comprehensive DP-300 course, offers a valuable pathway for advancing your career as an Azure Database Administrator and showcases your proficiency in managing Azure SQL databases effectively.

Earning the DP-300 certification can certainly strengthen your qualifications and make you more competitive in the job market for database administration roles. However, it is important to note that while certifications can enhance your resume and demonstrate your knowledge and skills, they are typically not the sole factor in securing a job.

When it comes to landing your first database job, employers often consider a combination of factors, including your educational background, practical experience, technical skills, and certifications. The DP-300 certification can add value to your profile by showcasing your expertise in administering Azure SQL databases, which is highly relevant in today’s cloud-focused industry.

To increase your chances of getting your first database job, consider the following:

  1. Gain Practical Experience: While certifications demonstrate theoretical knowledge, practical experience is highly valued by employers. Look for opportunities to work on real-world projects or internships that allow you to apply your skills and gain hands-on experience with database administration.
  2. Build a Strong Foundation: Alongside certification, ensure you have a solid understanding of foundational concepts in database management, such as data modeling, query optimization, backup and recovery, and security. This knowledge will complement your certification and make you more well-rounded as a candidate.
  3. Showcase Your Skills: Create a portfolio or showcase your projects to demonstrate your capabilities. This can include examples of database designs, performance optimization initiatives, or any other relevant work that highlights your expertise.
  4. Network and Seek Mentorship: Engage with professionals in the field, attend industry events, and join relevant online communities. Networking can help you discover job opportunities, learn about the latest trends, and connect with experienced professionals who can provide guidance and mentorship.
  5. Continuous Learning: Keep yourself updated with the latest developments and advancements in database technologies. The field of database administration is continuously evolving, and staying abreast of industry trends and new technologies will make you a more desirable candidate.

Remember, while the DP-300 certification is a valuable asset, it is important to complement it with practical experience, a strong foundation of knowledge, and a proactive approach to professional development. By combining these elements, you can increase your chances of securing your first database job.

To effectively prepare for the Azure DP-300 Exam and increase your chances of success, it is important to follow a structured study plan and leverage appropriate resources. One such valuable resource is ThinkCloudly, a leading training platform that offers comprehensive courses and services tailored to the needs of aspiring Azure Database Administrators.

ThinkCloudly provides dedicated DP-300 training courses designed to cover all the exam objectives in-depth. These courses are developed by industry experts with extensive experience in Azure database administration, ensuring that you receive high-quality instruction and guidance throughout your preparation journey.

By enrolling in ThinkCloudly’s DP-300 course, you gain access to a wealth of study materials, including video lectures, interactive exercises, and practical hands-on labs. The course materials are structured to align with the exam objectives, allowing you to systematically build your knowledge and skills in administering Azure SQL databases.

ThinkCloudly’s training platform goes beyond traditional learning materials by offering additional resources to enhance your exam preparation. These resources may include practice exams, quizzes, and real-world scenarios that simulate the challenges you may encounter as an Azure Database Administrator.

One of the unique advantages of ThinkCloudly is its emphasis on practical experience. The platform provides access to a dedicated Azure lab environment, enabling you to gain hands-on experience in deploying, configuring, and managing Azure SQL databases. This practical exposure strengthens your skills and builds confidence in performing real-world tasks.

In addition to the comprehensive DP-300 course, ThinkCloudly offers a supportive learning community. You can engage with instructors and fellow learners through forums, discussions, and Q&A sessions. This collaborative environment fosters knowledge sharing, provides opportunities for clarifying doubts, and creates a network of peers who share a common goal of achieving success in the DP-300 exam.

With ThinkCloudly’s DP-300 training courses and services, you can confidently prepare for the exam, knowing that you have access to top-quality study materials, practical hands-on labs, and a supportive learning community. By leveraging ThinkCloudly’s expertise, you can enhance your chances of passing the DP-300 exam and earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification. Visit ThinkCloudly’s website to explore their DP-300 training offerings and start your journey towards becoming an Azure Database Administrator.

Career Services

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Technology Use Cases

Microsoft Corporation

As the architect of Microsoft Azure and DP-300 Certification, Microsoft prioritizes certified professionals for roles managing Azure SQL solutions, ensuring effective database administration.


Accenture, a global tech consulting firm, values DP-300 Certification to bolster its workforce in delivering Azure-based solutions, enhancing database management expertise for clients.

Our Students Work at

Azure DP-300 Training Course: Administering Microsoft Azure Course Reviews


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DP-300 Certification: Administering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions Course

Original price was: $850.00.Current price is: $699.00.

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