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Oracle Certification | Oracle Database Administration (1Z0-082)

Embark on this educational odyssey to command one of the industry’s most vital skills and unleash the potential of data-driven success. Navigate the intricate landscapes of Oracle database architecture as you embark on a journey that promises expertise, empowerment, and the key to unlocking a world of boundless technological opportunities. Dive in today to shape your data destiny and elevate your career in the world of Oracle database management.

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Duration : 30+

Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Certification & Training Course Highlights

Thinkcloudly provides the most comprehensive and one of the best Oracle database administration training. Learn the intricacies of Oracle Certification in our comprehensive course. Gain expertise in installation, configuration, and management, while mastering backup, recovery, and performance tuning techniques. .

Oracle Certification & Training Course Learnings

Database Installation and Configuration

Backup and Recovery Strategies

Performance Tuning and Optimization

User and Security Management

High Availability and Data Replication

Oracle Certification & Training Course Curriculam

  1. What is Database?
  2. Role of a DBA!!!
  3. OLTP vs OLAP Databases
  4. What is Oracle 11g?
  5. What is Oracle 12c?
  6. Database abc’s
  7. Undo vs Redo Data
  8. Oracle Instance vs Database
  1. Process Architecture
  2. Database Writer Process
  3. Log writer Process
  4. Checkpoint Process
  5. SMON Process
  6. PMON Process
  7. RECO Process
  8. Archiver Process
  1. Memory Architecture
  2. Database Buffer Cache
  3. Shared Pool
  4. REDO log buffer
  5. Large Pool
  6. Java Pool and Streams Pool
  7. Keep Buffer Pool
  8. Recycle Buffer Pool
  9. nK Buffer Cache
  10. Program Global Area (PGA)
  11. Dedicated vs Shared Databases
  12. PGA in a Shared Envrionment
  1. Architecture full Picture!!!
  1. Software Download
  2. Virtual Machine Installation
  3. Linux Installation
  4. Oracle Software Installation
  5. Oracle Parameter Files
  6. Database creation – Manual Method Demo
  7. Verify Database creation
  8. Database creation using DBCA (Preferred option)
  9. Oracle Startup Steps…
  10. Oracle Shutdown methods
  11. Oracle 12c Upgrade
  1. How data is stored in a Database?
  2. Tablespace Concepts
  3. Online and Offline Tablespaces
  4. Let’s create a Tablespace…
  5. Let’s add more space to the Database…
  6. Tablespace Demo 1
  7. Tablespace Demo 2
  8. Tablespaces with different block sizes
  9. Temporary Tablespace Management
  10. Temporary Tablespace Groups
  11. Extent Management (Local vs Dictionary managed)
  1. UNDO Concepts
  2. Read Consistency
  3. ORA-01555 snapshot too old error
  4. Automatic Undo Management
  5. UNDO Management
  6. Configuring Undo Retention Period
  7. Retention Guarantee!!
  1. REDO Concepts
  2. REDO Logfile Management Demo1
  3. REDO Logfile Management Demo2
  4. Archival Concepts
  5. Archival Log Mode Demo
  1. User Management Concepts
  2. User Management Demo 1
  3. User Management Demo 2
  4. User Creation Exercise
  5. Privileges
  6. System Privileges Demo
  7. Object Privileges Demo
  8. Revoking User Privileges
  9. Revoking System Privileges
  10. Revoking Object Privileges
  11. Let’s practice what we learnt so far…
  12. Role Management Concepts
  13. Role Management Demo
  14. User Profiles
  15. User Profile Demo
  16. Managing Passwords using Profiles
  1. Networking Concepts
  2. Listener Configuration Demo
  3. TNSNAMES Configuration Demo
  4. Database Link Concepts
  5. Public Database Link
  6. Private Database Link
  1. What is Data Dictionary?
  2. Static Data Dictionary Views
  3. Dynamic Data Dictionary Views
  4. Miscellaneous Data Dictionary Views
  5. Data Dictionary Demo
  1. What is Diagnostic Data?
  2. Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)
  3. Manually navigating through the Diagnostic Data
  4. Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter (ADRCI)
  5. Using ADRCI to navigate through Diagnostic Data
  6. Creating an Incident Package for Oracle Support
  1. Backup and Recovery Concepts 1
  2. Backup and Recovery Concepts 2
  3. Backup Types
  4. Performing a Cold Backup manually
  5. Hot Backup Steps
  6. Hot Backup Demo
  7. Recover a Control file from media failure
  8. Recover a System Data file from media failure
  9. Recover a non-system data file from media failure
  1. RMAN Backup Types
  2. Incremental Backup
  3. Recovery Manager (RMAN) Terminology
  4. Image Copies VS Backup sets
  5. Why RMAN?
  6. RMAN Commands
  1. Materialized Views Introduction
  2. Materialized Views creation Options
  3. Materialized Views with ON COMMIT option
  4. Materialized Views with ON DEMAND option
  5. Materialized Views with REFRESH FAST option
  6. Timing the refresh
  7. Query Rewrite functionality
  8. Materialized Views Recap
  1. Table Partitioning Introduction
  2. Range Partition based on range of values
  3. List Partition based on list of values
  4. Hash Partition based on the hash key
  5. Composite Partitioning by mixing things up!!
  6. Interval Partition for automatic partition creation
  7. Adding/Droping Partitions
  8. Table Partitioning Recap
  1. Project Work!!!
  2. Where to go from here?

Training And Package Fee

Training Fee

Designed to get you trained with the core knowledge.

Original price was: $700.00.Current price is: $549.00.

Job Seeker's Program Fee

Designed to make you job ready with knowledge, experience, and grooming.

$1400.00 $1150.00

One-On-One Training Course @ $1499

Oracle Certification & Training Course Outcomes

Proficient Installation and Design

Effective Backup and Recovery Management

Specialist Performance Optimization

Complete User and Security Control

Increased Availability Implementation

What roles you can play?

Oracle Database Developer

Oracle database developer supports modeling, design, architecture, metadata creation, and configuration management for efficient database operations.

Oracle Database Security Specialist

Oracle DB specialist installs, configures software upgrades, patches, executes security maintenance, and ensures compliance functions.

Oracle Database Consultant

Oracle consultants offer support and services for Oracle software, specializing in specific product lines or categories.

Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) Administrator

Strong troubleshooting, root cause analysis, performance tuning skills and OS levels, with backup recovery expertise.

Oracle cloud database administrator

DBA tasks: Develop, maintain databases; ensure security, optimize performance; backup data; train, support users.

Database Troubleshooter

Oracle Database Troubleshooter: Monitor system health, diagnose issues, proactively maintain smooth operation, control disruptions.

Know before you Start

Thinkcloudly’s Oracle Database Administration Professional Program stands out with hands-on projects, experienced instructors, certification prep, and an industry-aligned curriculum..
Customized learning paths, collaborative environment, and job placement support improve its value. Flexibility, practical simulations, and lifelong resource access make it an excellent choice for learning Oracle database administration.

Oracle database administration offers diverse roles such as Database Administrator, Oracle Developer, Analyst, Architect, and Security Specialist. Opportunities also include Performance Tuning, Cloud DBA, and Training roles, with high demand across industries due to data-driven needs.

  • Database Administrator
  • Database Developer
  • Data Analyst.
  • Performance Tuning Specialist.
  • Backup and Recovery Specialist
  • Security Administrator:.
  • Database Consultant.
  • Cloud Database Administrator.
  • Technical Support Engineer.
  • Database Manager

  • An Oracle Certified Associate designs, develops, and maintains Oracle databases. They optimize performance, design data integration processes, ensure security, manage backups, and collaborate with teams to support efficient data management and application functionality.

    Thinkcloudly is a pioneer in helping people entering IT to make their first steps into the field from a non-IT background.
    We offer a wide range of job oriented courses to accommodate people starting from scratch.
    In thinkcloudly, you can be taught various skills and prepared for your job interview by a full-fledged team of IT professionals.
    As well as Resume preparation, LinkedIn profile grooming, and Job profile marketing services of thinkcloudly will help you to schedule interviews fast and ensure that your job profile stands out among other candidates.

    Skills You Will Gain

    Database Installation and Design

    Backup and Recovery Management

    Performance Tuning and Optimization

    Security and Access Control

    High Availability Resolutions

    Database Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    SQL and PL/SQL Proficiency

    Data Modeling and Schema Design

    Resource Management

    Patch and Elevate Management

    Troubleshooting and Performance Research Tools

    Scripting and Automation

    Certification Overview

    The Oracle database administrator Exam is a computer-based, multiple-choice exam that is designed to test your knowledge of Database principles and practices. You should study the following areas before taking this exam: Database Installation and Design, Backup and Recovery Management, Performance Tuning and Optimization . After clearing Oracle Certification exam you will become eligible for all jobs related to Oracle Certified Associate.

    It is necessary to learn and practice Oracle Certification skills in order to become an Certified administrator. Once you are confident, you need to take and pass the Oracle certification exam . Multiple choice and multiple response questions are included in the exam.

    Anyone who wants to move into the cloud can get an Oracle database Certification. The following professionals can also take the Oracle database administrator exam:

  • Database Installation and Design
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • The significance of a Database Administrator’s role is paramount in overseeing extensive data repositories within sizable corporations. Consequently, Oracle DBA experts are highly sought after. This instructional program will equip you with essential proficiencies essential for assuming the responsibilities of a Database Administrator within prominent organizations.

    Prepare for Oracle database training by setting goals, choosing a suitable course, meeting prerequisites, engaging actively in sessions, completing practical exercises, networking with peers, and considering certification paths. Provide feedback, continue learning post-training, and approach the experience with enthusiasm for skill enhancement.

    Career Services

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    Technology Use Cases


    Amazon uses Oracle databases to manage a vast amount of customer data and transactional information across its various services, including e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital content distribution.


    Walmart utilizes Oracle databases to handle its extensive supply chain operations, inventory management, and customer data, ensuring efficient and accurate management of its global retail operations.

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    We accept all major credit and debit cards from leading banks. For any assistance, please contact Thinkcloudly Customer Support.

    We offer a variety of ways to learn about the cloud, from quick hands-on labs to technical deep dives. You can ask our experts to help you from their industry experience if you are uncertain about which course or plan to choose.

    Certainly, you can set up a free demo session, although if you’ve already viewed any sample recordings, you won’t need to look further. The enrollment process signifies a mutual commitment between you and us where you commit to be a good learner and we pledge to provide you with the best possible learning environment. A key part of your learning takes place in our sessions, which are supported by experienced instructors, dedicated Personal Learning Managers, and interactions with your peers. Get the full learning experience, and not just a demo.

    You will receive access to the LMS immediately after enrolling and will have it for the rest of your life. You will have access to all previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments. In addition, you will have instant access to our 24×7 support team. You can start learning as soon as possible.

    At Thinkcloudly, you’ll never miss a lecture! You can view the recorded session in your LMS anytime also the missed session can be attended in another live batch.

    Teachers and tutors at Thinkcloudly are industry veterans with great experience.

    Price: Original price was: $700.00.Current price is: $549.00.

    Oracle Certification | Oracle Database Administration (1Z0-082)

    Original price was: $700.00.Current price is: $549.00.

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