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AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03

In this AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Amazon Web Services (AWS). This program prepares you for the wide variety of AWS components, including S3, and CloudFormation, and how to design and deploy highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications on AWS.

This course will teach you everything from beginning to end so that upon completion you will be able to become AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA-C03). Learn by following simple step-by-step instructions, doing hands-on exercises, and taking quizzes, and become ready for AWS Architect Certification jobs.

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Duration : 40+

AWS Solutions Architect Associate
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AWS Solutions Architect Associate Course Highlights

Thinkcloudly provides the most comprehensive and one of the best AWS training. Our AWS training provides you with first hand experience in AWS functions such as Cloud Front, CloudTrail, IAM, EC2, and S3. Upon successfully completing this training, you will be proficient in AWS services. AWS is the leader in cloud computing and a thought leader. It provides various certifications that cover a range of topics. As of 2025, Amazon Web Services is going to lead the public cloud adoption, which is why AWS cloud architect salary is $100K per annum on an average.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Course Learnings

Integration of AWS services for solutions

AWS services understanding for architects

Managing AWS compute resources effectively

Implementing scalable and secure applications

Networking concepts and implementations on AWS

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Course Curriculam


  • What is a computer?
  • Hardware and software
  • Basic operations

Inside a computer case

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Disks
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices


  • What is cloud computing?
  • Types of cloud
  • Comparison between on-prem and cloud computing
  • AWS Terminology
  • Advantages and disadvantage


  • Introduction to IAM: Users, Groups, and Policies
  • IAM Policies
  • AWS Access key, CLI, and SDK
  • AWS CLI setup on Windows, MAC OS, and Linux
  • AWS cloud shell
  • IAM roles for AWS services
  • IAM security tools
  • IAM best practices

Hands-On :

  • Creating IAM Users and Groups
  • Create AWS IAM Policies
  • Implementing IAM MFA
  • Exploring AWS CLI
  • Creating IAM Roles
  • Implementing IAM Security tools


  • AWS Budget setup
  • Basics of EC2
  • Types of EC2 Instance
  • Overview of Security groups and classic ports
  • Overview of SSH
  • EC2 instance connect

Hands-On :

  • Creating EC2 instance with user data
  • Creating security groups
  • Hands-on on SSH
  • Demo for EC2 Instance roles


  • Comparison of Private, Public, and Elastic IP.
  • Spot Instances & Spot Fleet
  • EC2 Placement Groups
  • EC2 Hibernate
  • (ENI)Elastic Network Interfaces
  • Advanced Concepts of EC2 – Nitro, vCPU, Capacity Reservations

Hands-On :

  • Private, Public, and Elastic IP
  • Creating EC2 Placement Groups
  • Work on Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI)
  • Implementing EC2 Hibernate


  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Overview
  • Overview of EBS Snapshots
  • Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • EC2 Instance Store
  • EBS Volume Types
  • EBS Multi-Attach and encryption
  • Overview of Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
  • EFS and EBS comparison


  • Creating Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • EBS Snapshots Hands On
  • (AMI) Hands On Amazon Machine Image
  • Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) Hands-on


  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Overview of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Introduction to Gateway Load Balancer
  • Introduction to (CLB) – Classic Load Balancer
  • Application Load Balancer (ALB)
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Elastic Load Balance
  • ELB- Cross Zone Load Balancing and SSL Certificates
  • ELB- Connection Draining
  • Overview of Autoscaling Groups


  • Creating and implementing CLB
  • Application Load Balancer (ALB)
  • Network Load Balancer (NLB) 
  • Autoscaling Groups Hands-on
  • Auto Scaling Groups – Scaling Policies


  • Amazon RDS Overview
  • RDS Read Replicas vs Multi-AZ
  • RDS Encryption + Security
  • Aurora Overview
  • Aurora – Advanced Concepts
  • ElastiCache Overview
  • ElastiCache for Solution Architects

Hands-On :

  • ElastiCache Hands-On
  • Amazon RDS Hands-On
  • Aurora Hands-On


  • Route 53 Introduction
  • Route 53 – EC2 Setup
  • Route 53 – TTL
  • Route 53 CNAME vs Alias
  • Routing Policy – Simple, Latency, and Weighted
  • Route 53 Health Checks
  • Routing Policy – Failover
  • Routing Policy – Geolocation and Geoproximity
  • Routing Policy – MultiValue
  • 3rd Party Domains & Route 53

Hands-On :

  • Route 53 Lab


  • Amazon S3 – Section Introduction
  • S3 Buckets and Objects
  • S3 Versioning
  • S3 Encryption
  • S3 Security & Bucket Policies
  • S3 Websites

Hands-On :

  • Creating S3 Buckets and Objects
  • Hand-on on S3 Versioning
  • Implementing S3 Encryption
  • Creating and implementing S3 Bucket Policies
  • S3 CORS


  • CloudFront Overview
  • CloudFront Signed URL / Cookies
  • CloudFront Advanced Concepts
  • AWS Global Accelerator – Overview


  • CloudFront with S3 – Hands-On
  • AWS Global Accelerator – Hands-On


  • Introduction to Messaging
  • Overview of Amazon SQS – Standard Queues
  • SQS Queue Access Policy
  • SQS – Message Visibility Timeout
  • SQS – Dead Letter Queues
  • SQS – Request Response
  • SQS – Delay Queues
  • SQS – FIFO Queues
  • SQS + Auto Scaling Group
  • Overview of Amazon SNS


  • SNS – Hands-On
  • SQS – Standard Queue Hands-On


  • Docker Introduction
  • ECS Overview
  • ECS Services & Tasks, Load Balancing
  • ECS Scaling
  • ECS Rolling Updates
  • ECR Overview
  • EKS Overview


  • ECS Hands-on


  • Serverless Introduction
  • Lambda Overview
  • Lambda Limits
  • DynamoDB Overview
  • DynamoDB Advanced Features
  • API Gateway Overview
  • API Gateway Security


  1. DynamoDB Hands-On
  2. API Gateway Basics Hands-On


  • RDS
  • Aurora
  • ElastiCache
  • DynamoDB
  • S3


  • CIDR, Private vs Public IP
  • Default VPC Overview
  • Internet Gateways & Route Tables
  • NAT Instances and Gateways
  • DNS Resolution Options & Route 53 Private Zones
  • NACL & Security Groups
  • VPC Peering and Endpoints
  • VPC Flow Logs + Athena
  • Bastion Hosts
  • Site to Site VPN, Virtual Private Gateway & Customer Gateway
  • Direct Connect & Direct Connect Gateway
  • Egress Only Internet Gateway
  • VPC Section Summary
  • Section Cleanup
  • Networking Costs in AWS
  • IPv6 for VPC


  1. IPv6 for VPC – Hands On
  2. VPC Overview and Hands On
  3. Subnet Overview and Hands On

Training And Package Fee

Training Fee

Designed to get you trained with the core knowledge.

Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $599.00.

Package Fee

Designed to make you job ready with knowledge, experience, and grooming.

$1400.00 $1150.00

One-On-One Training Course @ $1499

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Course Outcomes

High availability design capability

Architectural proficiency in AWS

Efficient AWS performance optimization

Skilled in cost-effective optimization strategies

Mastery of AWS identity and access management

What roles you can play?

Cloud Architect

Responsible for developing cloud adoption plans and maintaining cloud systems within organizations.

Infrastructure Architect

Infrastructure Architect will analyses the existing network requirements and limitations of the software/hardware tools.

Cloud Consultant

He assists companies in understanding cloud services, guiding operational decision-making processes effectively.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer balances software development life cycle needs, from coding through maintenance and updates.

Security Solutions Architect

Security evaluator conducts penetration tests, risk analyses, and ethical hacks on LANs, WANs, and VPNs.

Cloud Specialist

Cloud Specialist optimizes cloud infrastructure, focusing on deployment and management for efficiency.

Know before you Start

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate course includes material on designing and deploying secure, highly available, and scalable systems with AWS.
The course also covers how to design and deploy complex enterprise IT solutions on AWS.
Topics include identity and access management (IAM), data security, threat detection and protection from common attacks, auditing of resources, compliance controls for sensitive data stored in S3 buckets or RDS database instances.
It also covers the basics of AWS Service Catalog for service provisioning and a number of other topics that are relevant to designing a system securely.

If you have a full-time job, lots of obligations and/or never used AWS before, investing 40 hours of studying time can take between 6 – 8 weeks. For newcomers to AWS, we recommend investing 50-60 hours of studying or three months in preparation. Allow yourself to revisit parts you’re weakest in during your learning journey to help speed up the learning process.

AWS cloud architect earn an average salary of $138,000 in the US, while Senior AWS Solutions Architects earn an average salary of $276,000.

As a solution architect, you’ll need to pass the AWS architect certification – Associate exam (SAA-C03). a guide to the exam, which includes information such as the content outline and passing score, is included with the exam.

Coding is not a requirement for AWS Cloud Architect certification, but it is necessary to pass the exam. AWS has a course called Certified SysOps Administrator that includes coding. The exams are difficult, so it’s recommended that you take this course before taking the exam.
A solutions architect does not usually need coding skills to enter or advance in his/her career, but knowing coding is essential to making informed decisions.

Skills You Will Gain




Route 53









Certification Overview

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate is an associate-level certification for AWS practitioners who intend to fill the solutions architect role. The exam is also appropriate for beginners and more seasoned IT professionals alike. You’ll need good knowledge of how to design and implement secure and robust distributed systems using AWS technologies in order to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) exam.

Becoming AWS certified gives you knowledge and skills in designing, deploying, and maintaining secure cloud-based solutions. It also helps differentiate your resume from others who are competing for the same job opening. also you will get AWS associate certification
The AWS Solutions Architect exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, and you must answer at least 42 questions correctly in order for your certification to be valid. You have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam.

The AWS Architect certification is one of the newer AWS certifications in Amazon’s lineup and focuses on cloud security.
AWS has a number of other certifications that focus on specific technology-type skills, but this one focuses on security.
That may seem like an odd choice, given that there are so many other certifications out there that cover more general areas, but it makes sense when you consider that security is becoming increasingly important in today’s world.
If you are currently a solutions architect at a technical level or considering a career change in the near future, you can earn the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate to help with your progression.
The certificate is a symbol that shows companies that you have the necessary skills and gives you more credibility and confidence.

The cost of taking and passing the AWS Solution Architect exam is $150. This fee also includes access to a security specialist who will help you prepare for your exam by providing a review of your AWS knowledge and tips on how to best study for your exam.

Career Services

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Technology Use Cases


Netflix heavily rely on AWS for their infrastructure and use AWS Cloud Practitioner skills to manage their cloud resources effectively. AWS allows Netflix to scale their streaming platform to millions of users worldwide while ensuring high availability and reliability.


Airbnb use AWS services to manage their website, handle booking transactions, and store user data securely. AWS’s scalability and flexibility enable Airbnb to handle peak traffic and provide a seamless experience for their users.

Our Students Work at

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Course Reviews


We accept all major credit and debit cards from leading banks. For any assistance, please contact Thinkcloudly Customer Support.
We offer a variety of ways to learn about the cloud, from quick hands-on labs to technical deep dives. You can ask our experts to help you from their industry experience if you are uncertain which course or plan to choose.
The worldwide public cloud service market is expected to grow to $331.2B by 2022, a compound annual growth rate of 12.6% – Forbes.com; therefore, there will be and are many AWS solutions architect associate jobs.
According to indeed.com, the average AWS solutions architect associate salary is $76,039 per year.
Certainly, you can set up a free demo session, although if you’ve already viewed any sample recordings, you won’t need to look further. The enrollment process signifies a mutual commitment between you and us where you commit to be a good learner and we pledge to provide you with the best possible learning environment. A key part of your learning takes place in our sessions, which are supported by experienced instructors, dedicated Personal Learning Managers, and interactions with your peers. Get the full learning experience, and not just a demo.
You will receive access to the LMS immediately after enrolling and will have it for the rest of your life. You will have access to all previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments. In addition, you will have instant access to our 24×7 support team. You can start learning as soon as possible.

Price: Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $599.00.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03

Original price was: $650.00.Current price is: $599.00.

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