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AWS Courses

AWS is a rapidly growing cloud service at an affordable price range. It is a widely adopted service in the cloud. The demand for cloud experts is increasing exponentially in running days. The scope of getting well-paid jobs is at a higher level in the cloud.

Why AWS with Thinkcloudly?

AWS Course can help you get started in cloud computing, from beginning with the basics to becoming an AWS solutions architect associate. You’ll gain a clear understanding of the features, benefits, and capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, you will have opportunities to practice what you have learned by completing labs and exercises developed by AWS technical instructors.

Foundation Courses


USD 750 599

Steps to get AWS Clouds Practitioner certified - Thinkcloudly

AWS Cloud Practitioner

USD 750 599

Advanced Courses

How to be an AWS DevOps professional? - Thinkcloudly

AWS DevOps

USD 750 599

How to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification? - Thinkcloudly

AWS Solutions Architect

USD 750 599

Azure Courses

Microsoft Azure is the most desired platform for storing data in clouds. Businesses worldwide use it to revolutionize how they provide products and services by moving their infrastructure entirely or partially into a more secure scalable cloud environment with Microsoft’s game-changing product – AZURE! An average architect in Microsoft Azure makes $1,50,000. At a higher end, there is no limiting factor for Azure in any field.

Why Azure with Thinkcloudly?

 The azure architect certification process helps new users understand what they need through tutorials and practice exams before getting certified, so there isn’t any confusion about whether you’re qualified enough during the beginning stages after learning. The learning program at Thinkclodly goes through the various passages of e-learning classes, labs, assignments, and on-step guidance, which not only builds the knowledge but keeps the pillars of Azure strengths. So why are you waiting? Let’s join hands for a brighter future.

Foundation Courses

How to get Azure Certified? - Thinkcloudly

Azure Fundamentals

USD 750 599


USD 750 599

Advanced Courses

Become A Certified DevOps Engineer - Thinkcloudly

Azure DevOps

USD 750 599

How to prepare for Azure Solutions Architect Certification? - Thinkcloudly

Azure Solutions Architect

USD 750 599

Where to Learn Azure Security - Thinkcloudly

Azure Security

USD 750 599

DevOps Courses

You’re not just learning about DevOps; you’ll be using it too! Our hands-on training is perfect for anyone who wants to learn all aspects of this growing field. We offer courses that teach everything from Continuous Integration and Deployment with Git, Jenkins or Docker through best practices on Configuration Management in Ansible/Terraform Kubernetes Prometheus Grafana – so no matter what your goal may entail we’ve got something tailored specifically towards helping YOU succeed as an IT professional.

Where to Learn Terraform - Thinkcloudly


USD 750 599

Be An Ansible Expert - Thinkcloudly


USD 750 599

Be A Jenkins Expert - Thinkcloudly


USD 750 599

Where to Learn Kubernetes - Thinkcloudly


USD 750 599

Google Cloud Courses

To be truly knowledgeable about Google Cloud Platform, one must have certifications from Google themselves. Knowing what it’s like to use GCP on a day-to-day basis will give you more credibility than just understanding the basics. With a certification from Google, the worth of your resume will increase immensely and employers will be more likely to hire you over someone who doesn’t have this credential.

Foundation Courses

How to be a Cloud Digital Leader - Thinkcloudly

Cloud Digital Leader

USD 750 599

Associate Courses

How to become a certified Cloud Engineer - Thinkcloudly

Cloud Engineer

USD 750 599

Professional Courses

How to get Google Cloud Architect Certification - Thinkcloudly

Cloud Architect

USD 750 599

Scrum Master Courses

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps us deliver the product in pieces of sprints followed by reviews and adaptions. Scrum is a frame of the agile method of software development. Scrum is getting in the market in the high race. Over 671,000 professional Scrum certifications are provided globally, up to date, and ongoing. A Scrum Master can make up to $1,36973. Then why not Scrum?

Why Scrum with Thinkcloudly?

Thinkcloudly provides well-qualified and trained instructors with personal guidance and professional upscaling. The learning program at Thinkclodly goes through the various passages of e-learning classes, labs, assignments, and on-step guidance, which builds the knowledge and keeps the pillars of Scrum’s strength. So why are you waiting? Let’s join hands for a brighter future.

Professional Scrum Master Courses

How to become an Insane Scrum Master - Thinkcloudly

Professsional Scrum Master

USD 649 399

Professional Scrum Master Packages

Become a professional Scrum Master - Thinkcloudly

Professsional Scrum Master

USD 1250 999

How to become a professional Scrum Master - Thinkcloudly

Professsional Scrum Master

USD 1099 799




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Become eligible for more than 3 million jobs in the US on cloud computing.

Advance your career with the most in-demand skills in your field.


Make your profile stand out from your peers during an interview.

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