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#1 Online Learning Platform For IT Courses

Learn By Doing!

Fast-track your IT career with hands-on practice through self-paced guided labs. Follow step-by-step instructions in realtime sandbox environments and master IT skills to become job-ready.

Hands-On Labs

Effective and Engaging !

Your Path To Cloud : AWS

Learn how to attach EBS to EC2

Add Table items to DynamoDB table

Integrate an API Gateway to Lambda Function

AWS S3 Bucket Policy

Troubleshoot & Fix Website Access Issue on EC2

Enable MFA for User from IAM Panel

Host Static Website on a S3 Bucket

What Problems does it solves?

Real-Time Scenario Practice

Students want realworld scenarios. Our playground lets them practice tasks reflecting actual job responsibilities for a hands-on learning experience.

Secure, No Credit Card Required

Worried about sharing credit card details? Our platform offers free trials without the need for credit card information, prioritizing user privacy.

Unaware Billing plans for Beginners

Lack of awareness about billing policies results in new students inadvertently incurring charges on their credit cards. We provide you FREE of cost lab for practice your IT skills.

Works on Any Computer

High system requirements? Not a problem. Our platform is designed to run smoothly on various computer configurations, ensuring compatibility.

Solving Lab Cost Issues

Traditional labs are expensive. Our playground eliminates the need for costly hardware, making learning more accessible.

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