A popular service offered by Amazon, which allows users to run code without the need for any programming language, is known as AWS Lambda. Having the knowledge of AWS Lambda can greatly benefit one in data engineering job interviews at top tech companies, regardless of one’s level of experience.This blog covers the top 15 AWS Lambda Interview Questions which will help you crack the interview and will make you familiar with the requirements set by AWS tools and improve your chances of success in your upcoming data engineering interview.

Top 15 AWS Lambda Interview Questions

Q1.What exactly automates deployment is?

A. A quite similar to programming in other languages. Though, it cut down a lot of challenges associated. The best thing in deployment of a pipeline is that it can easily be created as one becomes more proficient. Automate Deployment cuts down human interference and helps the organisation which ensures outcomes that are quality-based and are best in every aspect.

Q2.What are the various ways to access EC2?

A. To access EC2 can be done with Command Line Interface and Web-Based Interface. Besides, there are tools for Powershell in Windows through which it can simply be done.

Q3.Is it possible to debug and troubleshoot the micro or small services?

A. Yes, it’s possible. It could be performed even when the function is running and appropriate tasks are being performed.

Q4.What makes Lambda a time-saving approach?

A. There are certain reasons for this. Among this, the one is it’s possible to simply store everything in the local server memory. Besides, data can be stored directly into the database without affecting the performance. Adding to this, testing is not much complicated integration testing can simply be made powerful through various vendors.

Q5.What is the time limit for execution in Lambda when you perform DDOS?

A. The time limit is 5 minutes.

Q6.What do you know about Zero downtime deployment?

A. Deployments are often considered in the form of functions. AWS Lambda divides it into units in case they are complex, hence the fact that the app remains in offline mode during such a time period, however the results are always optimistic.

Q7.There are some of the very complex querying capabilities that need to be handled without having a warehouse? Which database do you consider during such a case?

A. The Amazon RDS is an acceptable option as others such as ElasticCache suffer from some issues. RDS makes it easy to set up and manage every task reliably, besides it is compatible with all modern tools.

Q8.Among On-demand and Reserved Instances, which one is better to impose a limit on expenditure when it comes to optimising the speed on Lambda?

A. Reserved instance is a superior choice.

Q9.What do you know about AMI?

A. AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image and many times it is used in processes that are based on Lambda or even in conjunction with the same. Essentially, it’s a template that contains an application server, OS, or other applications. It is possible to create the copy in the cloud. It has various instances and running multiple instances is also possible. AMI also runs as a virtual server in the cloud.

Q10.Do you think there is a relation between Instance and AMI?

A. Yes, Instance and AMI are associated with each other. Lambda offers a query API which is good in terms of query parameters. Requests for example HTTPs can simply be handled and managed.

Q11.Give a simple method to improve performance in AWS Lambda?

A. This can be done simply by using the Linux software RAID. Further better security can simply be assured.

Q12.Is vertical scaling possible in Lambda?

A. Yes, vertical scaling is possible in Lambda, in fact, it is one of the eminent features in the AWS Lambda.Firstly, it is considered when one needs to spin in a larger instance. In case one is already using it, it can be paused. You need to detach the same as well from the server. It is essential to note the Id of the new device post which you can continue in your process.

Q13.What is a Serverless App?

A. Serverless app is an integration of Lambda functions which aims to accomplish some assigned tasks. It assists Node.

Q14.What is the difference between the anonymous class and Lambda function?

A. One eminent difference between the anonymous class and Lambda function is the use of keywords. The keyword “this” is Lambda resolve to enclosing class whereas the same in the case of anonymous class resolves the anonymous class itself.

Q15.Is lambda Expression a nameless suspension of Code?

A. Yes, it is a nameless suspension of Code.


The serverless computing service which is known as AWS Lambda is the most renowned and well-liked choice for developing cloud-based application software. Being a programmer, your basic responsibility should not to worry about the management of  servers; whereas, you are accountable for actually writing the code. An eminent advantage of this service is that you will be charged for the amount of time that you spend utilising the company’s computers.

Apart from preparing these interview questions, you must also explore some real-world AWS lambda projects to analyse how Lambda fits into the broader AWS Ecosystem and showcase your knowledge and expertise of the same during the interview.