Introduction Azure Architect Certification

In the world of Cloud Computing, becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Associate Architect is one of the major achievements. One can become a very valuable asset to their organization by implementing and designing Azure solutions in the Azure ecosystem, which heavily relies on Azure infrastructure. While completing the Microsoft Azure Associate Architect Certification can be a little daunting initially, with the correct direction and guidance, it is not impossible to do it in a relatively shorter period of time.

Here is a Microsoft Azure Architect Certification Course roadmap

Let’s First Dive Into Why You Must Pursue the Azure Architect Certification Course.

While we will give you a thorough overview of how to prepare for the Azure Architect Certification course in 2 weeks, let’s first analyze the reasons why this course is best for your future.

A) In-demand Skills: Cloud Computing skills have been in demand since the start of this decade, and Microsoft Azure Architect is one of the most respected positions. Organizations are looking for resources who can manage and design Azure frameworks for their company.

B) Advancement In Career: With the Microsoft Azure Architect Certification, you can easily find jobs in the IT industry, with high-paying jobs having an average salary of $153,024 in the USA.

C) Expertise Validation: This certificate gives you the power to design and manage cloud projects on Azure.

D) Global Recognition: Mircosoft Azure Architect Certification is globally recognized and in demand.

The Two Week Azure Architect Certification Masterplan

Preparing for the Mircosoft Azure Architect Certification is not a cakewalk, and staying disciplined with your study routine is quite essential. Here is the complete step-by-step guide to achieving your certification.

Week 1: Understanding the foundational level of Azure

Day 1-2: Gather all the resources required for your certification.

  • Define the end goal that you want to achieve (Azure Solutions Architect Expert).
  • Start gathering all the resources required to complete the course like study materials, practice exams, and developing a study schedule.

Day 3-4: Review Azure Fundamentals

  • Start with a quick recap of the basics of Azure fundamentals. You can’t become a Solutions Architect without having a good grasp of the basics.

Day 5-7: Learn Azure Services

  • Start learning Azure services like Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Virtual Networks, and Azure Active Directory. Learn all the basics of these services to understand their limitations, capabilities, and functionalities.

Week 2: Hardcore Practice

Day 8-10: Studying the Azure Architect Concepts

  • Study the specific Azure Architect concepts like designing for availability, scalability, and disaster recovery.
  • Understand the compliance principles and Azure Governance.

Day 11-12: Hands-On Labs & Scenarios

  • Start practicing Azure real-world scenarios and hands-on as the more you practice, the more you become accustomed to the platform or tool.

Day 13-14: Take Practice exams and review weak areas

  • Take multiple practice scenarios to understand your readiness.
  • Review your weak areas and focus on developing them thoroughly.
  • Getting familiar with the exam format and timing so that you are not unaware on the exam day

Resources For Azure Architect Certification

To succeed in your 2 week deep focused journey toward achieving Azure Architect Certification, you must depend on resources that are proven to be good and reliable.

1. ThinkCloudly’s Course Materials:- Learn with the most comprehensive study material designed where you can find a wealth of knowledge in self-paced learning modules. Start with the Azure Fundamentals path and then explore the Azure Solutions Architect path.

2. Azure Documentation:- The official Azure Architect Certification will have documentation from Azure with in-depth knowledge and practical examples and information. 

3. Online Courses:- Enroll in ThinkCloudly’s specifically designed Azure Architect Certification which will fulfill your objectives in the desired timeframe.

4. Practice Exams:- Practice exams are the best way to understand how well you are prepared with your preparation, and ThinkCloudly provides a series of mock tests to determine your preparedness.

Tips For Effective Study

  • Create A Study Schedule 
  • Active Learning
  • Hands-on learning
  • Practice Time Management
  • Join Azure Community


You can prepare for the Azure Architect certification course in just two weeks with dedication and a well-structured study plan. Everyone learns at a different pace, so tailor the plan to your needs and preferences. Stay focused on becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect, and don’t let setbacks or challenges discourage you. With this certification, you’ll have a valuable skill set for architecting Azure cloud solutions and a prestigious certification to add to your resume. I wish you all the best!