When you are going to face an interview then it is not enough to just answer but you also have to give short and to the point answers. Generally, basic questions are asked in interviews because they want to know your soft skills along with technical knowledge. Therefore, we also tried to give short and point-wise answer to each question here. Here we also have divided the questions into two categories, basic and scenario based cloud security interview questions. Come on, let’s get started

Basic Cloud Security Interview Questions

These are some basic cloud security interview questions given below. Read carefully because every question is important when you go for interview.

Cloud Security Interview Questions

Que: What are the basic clouds in cloud computing?

Answer: There are three clouds basically in AWS cloud computing which are as follows –

  • Professional Cloud
  • Performance Cloud
  • Personal Cloud

Que: In cloud computing, what are the main components of a server computer?

Answer: These are some of the main components of a basic computer –

  • Motherboard
  • Hard drives
  • Memory
  • Network Connection
  • Processor
  • Video
  • Power Supply

Que: What are the benefits of Azure scaling in Azure cloud computing?

Answer: There are some important benefits of Azure scaling in Azure cloud computing are as follows –

  • It is cost effective.
  • Based on the time interval, it provides scheduled scaling.
  • It allows both scaling up and down as per needs.
  • Increase application performance.

Que: What are the different types of threats in the cloud?

Answer: Some major threats in the cloud are –

  • Data Breach 
  • Shared cloud problem
  • Malicious insider threat
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT)
  • Insecure API use

Que: What are the main components of web services in cloud computing?

Answer: Following are the main components of web services in cloud computing

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration)
  • WSDL (Web Services Description Language)

Que: Which platforms are best for large-scale cloud computing?

Answer: In case of large scale cloud computing projects Map Reduce and Apache Hadoop is the best option to use.

  • Map Reduce – Google’s Map Reduce uses various cloud resources and a large set of data and then distributes the data across clusters. It is designed to support distributed computing and can deal with both structured and unstructured data.
  • Apache Hadoop- After creating a pool of computers in Apache Hadoop, the data elements are clustered and hash algorithms are applied on it. It is written in Java and is an open source platform.

Que: What are the pillars of cloud security? (It is a most imp Cloud Security Interview Questions)

Cloud Security Interview Questions

Answer: There are three pillars of cloud security.

  • IAM – This ensures that you deploy the least privilege model across service-to-service connections and user accounts throughout the environment.
  • Data Security/Encryption – This is the final step of your security, where if your data is encrypted or breached, it will remain safe.
  • Edge Security – This is accomplished by firewalls, least-privilege models and waf’s.

Que: What are the differences between AWS and GCP cloud security services?

Answer: There are some basic differences between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform or Google Cloud Computing – 

  • It ranks first in the world in providing cloud services – it is the third largest cloud provider
  • Web App firewall are used – This uses App Gateway
  • Established, with clear documentation – relatively young but with promising features
  • Strong focus on compliance  – Focused on customer-managed encryption keys and per-user activity monitoring.
  • Large marketplace of tools & third party add-ons  – Smaller marketplace as compare to AWS

Scenario Based Cloud Security Interview Questions

In these types of questions you are given a scenario and you have to give solution for the issue of that scenario correctly. most of the time scenario based cloud security interview questions are asked so read it carefully.

Que: If you have a project in which you have to deal with big data, which cloud platform would you choose?

Answer :  GCP would be my first choice when dealing with big data. Because they have the best optimized and cloud-native solutions that are tested with their data to handle large data sets. 

Que: We have data from country A as well as country B. How do we ensure that data from countries A and B meets the necessary compliance requirements?

Answer : First of all you need to ensure that country A data resides only within the country A availability zone and country B data resides in the country B availability zone, in the cloud provider. Then we will lock it, now each cloud account has its own limits.

Que: Suppose you are a cloud security engineer in an educational institution, now how will you ensure the security of the learning management system?

Answer : First of all I would ensure that the cloud provider is compliant with the security requirements of the institution. I will then implement encryption to all learning data at rest and in transit. I must also ensure that access to the learning management system is limited to authorized personnel only. I will then also implement monitoring and auditing tools that will detect any unauthorized access or activity. Finally I would implement disaster recovery to deal with any disasters or potential service outages.

Que: You are working on a new application and there is a bug in the code. How would you handle this?

Answer : To find bugs in the code, I first find the source of the problem. For this, I have to review the code of the application and run tests to find out where the bug is located. Then after identifying the source, I will analyze the bug to determine its potential impact and severity. After assessment of the bug, I will create a plan to solve the problem. Then I have to deploy a patch or come back to an older version of the application. 

Que: Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?

Answer : I think because I worked hard and acquired the strong technical skills that are required for this role. I have knowledge of various cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I’m also an expert in using scripting languages ​​like PowerShell and Python to automate security related tasks. I am a person who also has good problem solving and communication skills.


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