There is no doubt that both AWS and Azure are the top cloud computing platforms which have greatly helped a lot of companies and individuals. AWS security vs Azure security is a tough competition as both of these are reliable for many organizations for the security of their users’ data and private information. However, both of them are unique in their own way and they facilitate different needs of different clients. One can carefully calculate their wants from a cloud platform and then compare it to both to get the optimum fulfilment of their needs. This is also an important feature to consider when you are going for AWS or Azure certification. This is because AWS or Azure certification revolves around the whole benefits of both, AWS and Azure or AWS security vs Azure security and Azure devops vs AWS devops.

Is Azure better than AWS?

At some points Azure is easier than AWS. The prominent difference between them is that Azure is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and there is no need to maintain VMs by ourselves but just the operation code. 

Points to consider while migrating from AWS to Azure 

  • Cost of migration due to the maintenance of the cloud infrastructure.
  • The amount of data and applications that you want to shift
  • The amount of time you want to invest to maintain the applications in AWS for the fundamental purpose of business growth or data governance through AWS security 
  • The total time taken to move all the applications 
  • Azure’s beneficial features which can help in the swift AWS migration 

Availability Options that both Offer

AWS offers the following availability options for instance sizes

  • Dedicated Instances
  • Full Dedicated Instances

Microsoft Azure offers the following availability options for instance sizes

  • Availability Zones
  • Scale Sets
  • Availability Sets
  • Load Balancer
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Storage

Steps to migrate from AWS to Azure

  1. Go through a migration assessment 
  2. Check if you have a supported operating system
  3. Prepare your server to go from AWS to Azure
  4. Prepare resources 
  5. Prepare instances
  6. Go through some other rules which you can follow for seamless migration 

Things to remember during migration 

Begin your process with a business strategy and proper planning 

  • Assess your readiness for strategic migration by using tools for readiness and monitoring the areas for attention. Engaging the stakeholders and companies is also an important step. 
  • Creating a plan and setting goals is also important for migration which can significantly speed up your process of migration from AWS to Azure.
  • Create an estimated cost sheet to look into your current spendings for future savings. 
  • Vendor lock in 
  • Data portability 
  • Hidden costs 
  • Major differences and drawbacks of availability models
  • Networking 
  • Connectivity 
  • Support for operating systems as well as platforms, various languages and storage protocols
  • Choosing the correct cloud migration process – rehost, refactor, re architect, and rebuild


The reason why people usually migrate from AWS to Azure is because Azure is better in usability. But carefully consider as this can be a lengthy and complex process to completely migrate all your data and applications from AWS to Azure. AWS or Azure certification exam preparations also have these points that you might get asked about as to how a user can conveniently shift from AWS to Azure. Other points that one needs to consider when giving AWS or Azure certification are Azure devops vs AWS devops as well as AWS security vs Azure security. 

It is recommended to utilize the Azure Cloud readiness assessment tool to check what and how much workload can you migrate from AWS to Azure.