Ansible is a multi featured, open source Red Hat feature product which can be learned through Red Hat training. It is used to configure systems, deploy software and manage advanced workflows which can support application deployment and system updates. 

Ansible Certification is beneficial as an Ansible Engineer on an average earns upto 187,000 USD every year.

After your proper Red Hat Ansible training, you can get an Andible certification which helps you get high paying jobs. But before that, one needs to crack the interviews for these jobs. To do that, we have listed some basic Ansible Interview questions and answers which will prepare you for the kind of interview questions on Ansible you can be asked.

Ansible Interview Questions and Answers :

1. What is CI/CD?

CI is Continuous Integration which is a tool used for streamlining the deployment and development process. This results in the swift development of cohesive software.

CD is Continuous Delivery which is a process where one can get their code taken to production at any desired time after being pushed to a remote repository. 

2. What are the features of Ansible?

This is the most basic Ansible interview question asked in the interviews.
The key features of Ansible are

  • Agentless
  • Python
  • SSH
  • Push Architecture 
  • Setup
  • Manage Inventory 

3. What are the various advantages of Ansible?

Another very basic Ansible Interview question and answer asked in the interview questions on Ansible during an Ansible interview.

The key advantages of Ansible are –

  • Ansible is agentless and needs just the SSH service that runs on target machines
  • It only requires minimal resources which makes it possible to have low overhead 
  • As the Ansible tasks are written in YAML, one can effortlessly learn and understand it

4. Can you list the components of Ansible Automation engine?

These Ansible Interview Questions and Answers will be taught in your Red Hat Interview. 

  • Modules 
  • Inventories
  • APIs
  • Plugins
  • Playbooks
  • Hosts
  • Networking 
  • Cloud
  • CMDB

5. What are the key features of the Ansible tower?

One can easily list the features when asked this Ansible interview question with an Ansible certification and red hat Ansible training.

  • Ansible Dashboard 
  • Real time job status updates 
  • Multi playbook workflows
  • Who ran what job when
  • Scale capacity with tower clusters
  • Integrated notifications 
  • Scheduled ansible jobs
  • Manage and track inventory 
  • Remote command execution 
  • REST API and tower CLI tool

6. What are Ansible Modules and what are their types?

Ansible modules are a set of programs which are expected to perform a required task. They are used to automate a variety of tasks. 

There are two types of modules in Ansible –

  • Core modules 
  • Extras modules

7. Can you name some Ansible modules which support AWS?

  • Autoscaling groups
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudTrail
  • CloudWatch
  • DynamoDB
  • ElastiCache
  • Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
  • Identity access manager (IAM)
  • Lambda
  • Relational Database service (RDS)
  • Route53
  • Security groups
  • Simple Storage service (S3)
  • Virtual private cloud (VPC)

8. What is Ansible Galaxy?

Ansible Galaxy is a website which is used by users to share roles and to command line tools for installing, creating and managing roles. This is also beneficial as it gives enhanced visibility to one of the most important features. 

9. How can one disable cosway?

One can simply disable cosway by :

  1. Uninstalling cosway
  2. Setting up the value for the environment variable

10. When is a user supposed to test playbooks and roles?

In Ansible, a user can add tests to new playbooks or even existing ones. This offers clean hosting every time.  

11. Can you name all the products of services now?

This Ansible interview question and answer can be answered by getting a good red hat training and getting your hands on the 

Ansible certification. 

  • Business management applications 
  • Custom service management 
  • IT service automation application 
  • HR management 

12. Can you list the types of search options given in Service now?

  • Lists
  • Global text search
  • Knowledgebase
  • Navigation filter
  • Search scenes

13. What is the purpose of HTML Sanitizer?

The HTML Sanitizer helps in automatically cleaning up the markup files in the HTML fields. 

14. What is the full form of CMDB?

These interview questions on Ansible are asked to test your overall knowledge on the subject. 

The full form of CMDB is Configuration Management Database.

15. How many modules are there in Ansible?

There are 12 useful and basic Ansible modules.