Introduction about Ansible Certification Courses

 In the dynamic realm of DevOps, mastering automation tools is paramount, and Ansible stands out as a game-changer. Whether you’re a seasoned DevOps professional or aspiring to step into this transformative domain, investing in Ansible certification courses can elevate your skill set. In this blog post, we will delve into the top seven Ansible certification courses that cater to various expertise levels, which helps you choose the right path to boost your proficiency in configuration management and orchestration.

Top 7 Ansible Certification Courses for DevOps Professionals

  1. Red Hat Certified Engineer in Ansible Automation (EX407)

This certification is provided by Red Hat, it is designed for experienced Linux administrators and DevOps professionals. The course covers Ansible installation, configuration, and playbook creation, equipping you with the skills to automate tasks efficiently. With a focus on real-world scenarios, the Red Hat Certified Engineer in Ansible Automation certification ensures you’re not just learning the theory but also gaining practical insights that are immediately applicable in professional settings.

      2. Ansible for the Absolute Beginner- Hands-on-DevOps

Best suited for beginners,this course on Udemy offers a hands-on approach to Ansible. It envelopes the basics of Ansible, which includes inventory, playbooks, and modules, making it accessible for those new to automation. The instructor guides you through practical exercises, ensuring a strong foundation in Ansible concepts. This course is not tied to a specific certification but serves as an excellent starting point for those who are aiming to understand Ansible’s core ideologies.

  1. Ansible Automation Certification by Linux Academy

Linux Academy, now part of A Cloud Guru, provides a comprehensive Ansible Automation Certification course. Suited for both engineers and experienced professionals, this course envelopes Ansible essentials, best practices, and advanced topics such as roles and Ansible Tower. The hands-on labs provide practical experience, preparing you for real-world scenarios. Upon completion, you’ll not only be well-prepared for the certification exam but also possess the skills necessary to implement Ansible in complex environments.

  1. Professional Certificate in Ansible Automation by edX and REd Hat

The collaboration between edX and Red Hat provides a professional certificate in Ansible Automation. The course covers Ansible basics, playbook creation, and managing systems with Ansible. What sets this certification apart is its focus on collaboration hands-on lab using real-world scenarios. The professional certificate attests to your expertise in automating tasks and managing systems effectively, making it a valuable addition to your DevOps credentials.

  1. Certified Ansible Best Practices by Stone River eLearning

This certification is a short yet impactful course on Udemy focused on teaching Ansible best practices. It’s suitable for individuals who already possess basic Ansible knowledge and want to optimise their automation workflows. Covering topics such as playbook organisation, variables, and error handling, this course ensures you’re not just automating tasks but doing so in a scalable, maintainable, and efficient manner.

  1. Ansible: Advanced Automation

Offered by Udemy, the Ansible: Advanced Automation course is for those seeking a deeper understanding of Ansible’s advanced features. From working with Ansible Vault for secure credential management to mastering roles and dealing with dynamic inventories, this course takes your Ansible skills to the next level. While it doesn’t offer a specific certification, the knowledge gained is invaluable for implementing Ansible in complex enterprise environments.

  1. Ansible Automation with Network Automation Use Cases by K21 Academy

For DevOps professionals focusing on network automation, this course by K21 Academy is suited to address specific use cases. Covering Ansible’s application in networking scenarios, including Cisco devices, this course ensures you’re well-equipped to automate network configurations and management tasks. While not a traditional certification, the practical skills acquired in this course are highly relevant for professionals working in network-centric DevOps environments.


Choosing the right Ansible certification course depends on your current skill level, career goals, specific areas of interest within DevOps. Whether you’re a beginner looking for foundational knowledge or an experienced professional aiming to enhance your expertise, these top seven Ansible certification courses offer a wide range of options to tailor your learning needs.