Introduction about Benefits of CBAP Certification 

If you are a beginner but interested in becoming a CBAP Certification holder, you can go through some of the CBAP requirements which we have listed below that you need to follow to easily get your hands on the CBAP Certification. This certification is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) for the candidates who have prior knowledge in business analysis. It is a good certification and you can expect an average salary of $93,003 per year as a certified business analysis professional.

We have given some helpful CBAP requirements and exam preparation tips that will help you succeed. 

Benefits of CBAP Certification 

  • CBAPs earn 26% more according to IIBA salary survey
  • It is a globally recognized BA certification 
  • Significant career growth 
  • Better skilled in the BA sector 
  • BA is one of the fastest growing career opportunities 

Prerequisites for the CBAP exam

  • Become a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) by filling the online application 
  • Completing the IIBA portal with your work experience, trainings and certifications
  • Later you need to fill out the application and pay the application fee
  • PSI exams will help you schedule your exam 

The CBAP Exam Blueprint 

  • Requirement analysis and design definition – 30%
  • Requirement lifecycle management – 15%
  • Strategy analysis – 15%
  • Business analysis planning and monitoring – 14%
  • Solution evaluation – 14%
  • Elicitation and collaboration – 12%

Some good and useful Books for CBAP Preparation 

  • CBAP Certification study guide v3.0
  • CBAP Certification and BABOK study guide
  • CBAP/CCBA certified business analysis study guide

Take Mock Tests and Participate in Group Studies 

Mock tests help a lot for your CBAP certification preparation. They help in understanding the structure and flow of the CBAP exam. You can get a good CBAP training by studying for the subjects that you find difficult and know where you are lacking and need to focus more on. 

You can also prepare for your CBAP Certification exam by participating in group studies. This is good CBAP training as well as there are other candidates who are also preparing for this exam. You get to resolve your doubts and issues by discussing with other members in the same field and complete all your CBAP requirements.

Use Flashcards

Flashcards can also be an excellent way to prepare for your CBAP Certification exam as they help you memorize important terms and key concepts. You can either make your own flashcards or look for pre-made ones. 

Create a Study Plan and dedicate enough time for Studying

Bring dedication and discipline in your studies and dedicate enough time for every CBAP requirement. Have a target and dedicate enough time everyday to study for everything, especially the areas which are difficult for you. 

BABOK Study Guide

BABOK Study guide is a very important CBAP training while studying for your CBAP certification exam. It is recommended to go through the BABOK study guide well to understand all the aspects and subjects. If you want to clear the examination in one go, go through the BABOK study guide twice or thrice and make sure that you don’t leave anything behind.

The Don’ts 

  • Don’t assume that being familiar with BA is enough to pass
  • Don’t be dependent on the information that you find on the internet 
  • Self study is not the only way to success

The Correct Preparation Path

  • Go through the BABOK study guide
  • Review IIBA guide well
  • Go through the sample questions given in the CBAP certification page
  • Enroll for CBAP online courses and practice tests 
  • Join the CBAP Certification training offered by IIBA, EEPs
  • Look for the CBAP prep books and read them thoroughly 
  • Go through FAQs on the official page of IIBA
  • Participate in study groups and share experiences and relevant knowledge 
  • Get practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge to pass the exam easily 

3 Month Week wise steps to become a successful CBAP

Week 1 – Ensure eligibility for the CBAP certification exam

Week 2 to 5 -Take the IIBA approved CBAP training

Week 2 to 11 – Go through the BABOK 

Week 6 – Make sure that your application is approved 

Week 12 – Take the CBAP test 


While preparing for your CBAP certification exam and becoming a certified business analysis professional, you need good CBAP training and a focused study plan. Go through the above points to plan efficient strategies and complete all your CBAP requirements by studying with others in the same field as well as getting in touch with experienced professionals in this field. After checking all the boxes you can expect your CBAP certification without a doubt.