Looking for good entry level python jobs? It isn’t tricky if you know about some important things that you need to keep in mind so that you can easily get good entry level python jobs. The first thing that you can do is to get python certifications which will help you get highlighted and will make it easy for you to get a good entry level Python job. 

Here are Some Things to Follow to Get an Entry Level Python Job :

  1. Get relevant skills 

One needs to be skilled in basic level skills even though they are a fresher and looking for an entry level python job. This is because there is an increasing competition for this position, and you need to stand out from the crowd to get hired. 

Here are some basic skills that you need to learn –

  • Learn other leading programming languages like JavaScript, SQL, FLASK, etc.
  • Get basic, fundamental knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Master in object oriented programming
  • Get relevant soft skills like good communication, teamwork, time management, etc.
  • Enhanced Analytical skills
  • Keeping yourself updated 

     2. Get best python certifications like –

  • Python institute PCAP certification 
  • OpenEDG Python institute certifications
  • PCEP : Certified Entry level Python Programmer 
  • PCPP 1 / 2 : Certified professional in Python programming 1/2
  • PCAT : Certified Associate in Testing with Python
  • PCAD : Certified Associate in Data Analytics with Python 

These are some best python certifications that you can go for while preparing for your Python future. The name itself tells you how popular it is and how widely used this programming language is. So to know more about it and to master it, it is important to go for the best python certification. These python certifications will assist you in getting good entry level Python jobs that will secure your future in this field. 

     3. Polish your Basics

You should never forget about your basics when you are going to master your skills. This is why you should always practice your fundamentals in order to keep them cleared. One should never forget about python aspects like python syntax, statements, variables, control structures, exception handling, OOP structures, etc. You can join various courses and training programs which will help you with basic or advanced knowledge and training about Python. This will boost your confidence in the subject, as well as help you get relevant knowledge to be job ready!

     4. Start Freelancing

You cannot always wait for a good job or an internship to start your career in Python. You should also go for freelancing where you can get independent and grow your knowledge and experiment your skills in the very subject. In the initial days it is not guaranteed that you will get continuous work, but if you work hard to display your skills and expertize, you will get good experience. This will also add to your portfolio or your resume, which will help you build a good impression on your recruiters. You can also greatly help your company or organization that you work for with your experience. 

     5. Look for Internships

Along with freelancing projects, you can also look for internships side by side. This is also a great way to train yourself as you get to work under expert professionals who can help you build your knowledge and skills that will help you get a good job in the future. You will learn about new things and will know how to work with companies and what they expect from professionals in your field. You are also given a chance to get a good job through internships which have placements reserved for clever interns who they can recommend to leading companies. If not, you still get to build a good and relevant resume and portfolio which will show your experience of working with a good company as an intern. 

Here are Some Steps to Become an Entry Level Python developer:

  1. Know how to read and write in python 
  2. Gain the necessary skills
  3. Get the adequate knowledge about supporting frameworks and technologies
  4. Build your portfolio and resume
  5. Get good internships for training 
  6. Give an impressive interview 

These are some great points to consider if you want to go for an entry level Python developer job. You need relevant skills and experience to grow yourself in this field and then bag the position as an entry level python developer!


To get a good entry level job, you don’t need to completely master Python. It is enough even though you have basic knowledge about it and have enough experience in the same. Recruiters are definitely going to judge you on your skills and experience so make sure that you don’t waste your time and look for good internship opportunities and freelancing projects that you can mention in your portfolio.