CSAP certification, or Certified Security Awareness Practitioner certification is an excellent certification for professionals in the IT sector or interested in cyber security. The CSAP certification is good for various fields of professions like a certified information security manager. 

A Certified Information Security Manager is someone who has advanced knowledge and skills in developing and managing enterprise information security programs. Anyone who has 5 or more years of experience in information security can become a Certified Information Security Manager and can expect an average salary of $52,402 to $243,610 USD which makes becoming a Certified Information Security Manager worth it. The Certified Information Security Manager Certification is valid for 3 years only. 

The CSAP certification can be beneficial for :

  • Security awareness officers/specialists
  • Compliance and privacy officers
  • Information security managers
  • Human resources and employee training and development professionals
  • Marketing and communication professionals new to security awareness

The CSAP domains are :

  • The necessity of enterprise security awareness training
  • Security and communication terminology and concept
  • Security awareness program planning
  • Security awareness program development
  • Security awareness program implementation 
  • Management of security awareness program
  • Common challenges related to security awareness training

A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the CSAP certification exam. 

Why do we need Cyber Security Awareness Training?

The annual report of the FBI’s internet crime complaint center in 2019 has reported that US victims have lost around $3.5 billion due to cyber attacks. 

Some of the potential repercussions which your company or organization might face due to cyber attacks are :

  • Loss of revenue
  • Damage to the reputation of the company
  • Losing clients
  • Operational disruptions
  • Lawsuits
  • Intellectual property cyber theft
  • Personal identity theft
  • Leaked client data, sensitive information and equipment

Cyber security training is essential for everyone including :

  • Employees
  • Business owners
  • Parents
  • Kids

CSAP certification exam details :

  • Prerequisite – none
  • Number of questions – 30
  • Duration of the exam – 30 minutes
  • Validation of the CSAP certification – 2 years

Few ways to get the CSAP certification after knowing its importance are :

Self-studying :

One can study for the CSAP certification exam by dedicating decent hours for studying everyday as it is achievable yet a little tricky to pass the examination. One can also opt for group studies and learn with other fellow candidates to know what is important to pass the cyber security certification exam. It is easier to study when one can discuss and learn more about all the aspects of the examination. 

Cyber security programme :

Know about the cyber security programme and learn more about it. A cyber security programme is a process that an organization creates for monitoring, detecting and responding to cyber threats. The cyber security programme is initiated with a well structured plan that consists of guidelines which are introduced by the IT department and spreads information about the essentials of the latest trends in cyber crime. 

Cyber security certification training :

One can get online or on-site cyber security certification training which helps significantly in the learning process and grows your knowledge on various cyber security certification aspects. The CSAP certification training is provided by certified and expert professionals who have exceptional knowledge about cyber security and can help you gain immense knowledge about it to get the CSAP certification, and also get aware about cyber security and to keep yourself safe from cyber attacks. 


While getting the CSAP certification, one can also learn about the essentials of staying safe online which has become a necessity for everyone. Getting cyber security certifications will significantly help you get good and renowned jobs in the cloud computing field and will help in career growth. You can also look at ThinkCloudly’s CSAP certification training and courses which has helped many candidates crack the exam in one go!