Introduction AWS Certification Developer

Amazon Web Services is the dominant player in the cloud market, with the highest share value. It turned into an 800-pound gorilla in the cloud market. Since 2017, AWS has been dominating the cloud market and will continue the same in 2023 as well. Among other things, IT professionals are gripped by the AWS cloud. As reported by Cloud Tech Report 2023, “AWS holds a 16.3% market share, while Azure follows with a 14.5%.

Several certifications have been launched by AWS to approve the candidate’s expertise in AWS, depending on experience and interest. The AWS training and certification facilitate candidates to build their cloud skills, which allows them to contribute to the transformation of businesses that are overwhelmingly migrating to cloud computing.

In this blog, we will provide a list of the 8 best books that will help you prepare for the AWS Certification Developer Exam. Let us begin with an overview of AWS certification developers.

AWS Certification Path for Beginners

It is a preferable idea to start with foundational certifications for those who are new to AWS, which will help them build a solid understanding of AWS services and concepts. The overview of the AWS certification path for beginners is as follows:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner :- The level of this certification is foundational, and its targeted audience is beginners, including individuals with non-technical backgrounds.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect :- Associate: The level for this certification is associate level, and its targeted audience is individuals with some experience in designing distributed systems on AWS.
  • AWS Certified Developer :- An associate level certification with a target audience of developers and individuals involved in application development at AWS.
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator :- Associate: This is an associate level certification with a target audience of those who focus on tasks related to the operations and management of AWS systems, including deployment, monitoring, and automation.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional :- The certification’s level is professional, with a target audience of experienced solutions architects.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer :- It is a professional level of certification with a targeted audience of experienced DevOps professionals.

Overview of the AWS Certification Developer
A candidate needs to understand designing, developing, and deploying services on AWS while preparing for the AWS Certification Developer Exam. The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam certifies the candidate’s expertise and technical knowledge in developing and maintaining applications on AWS. The AWS Developer Associate exam dva-c01 is comparatively easy.

Prerequisites for the Exam

  • Hands-on-experience for one or more years in designing and developing applications on the AWS platform
  • Proficiency in one or more high-level programming languages
  • Understanding of basic AWS services
  • The ability to design and deploy cloud-based solutions on the AWS platform

8 Best Books for AWS Certification Developer

There are various books on the market that offer help for the best AWS certification course. Here in the article, we will be mentioning the best 8 books recommended for the best online AWS certification training for Developer Associate Exam. Get a thorough reading of these books, as they provide vast information on what is required to be studied and provide a detailed study guide for the candidate.

 1. AWS Certified Developer- Associate Guide: An Effective Guide for Developers

An impactful study guide for candidates who want to begin their career as an AWS developer. This is a useful book for those who are preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Exam. The book contains an elaborative description of how to create and manage user groups. It also covers the major topics related to AWS Development.

 2. All-in-One AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Guide

This AWS Developer book is handy for you if you want to get a complete study guide on how to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate Exam. The book offers detailed descriptions and explanations of the topics a candidate needs to study while preparing for the exam. Not only is the book a good guide for those who are preparing for the exam, but it is also for professionals who are working on developing apps on AWS.

 3. Mastering AWS Development by Uchit Vyas

This book is a comprehensive guide on how to develop, administer, and monitor applications on AWS. Penned by Uchit Vyas, this book offers you the knowledge of all the AWS technologies mandatory to prepare for the AWS Developer Associate exam.

 4. AWS for Developers- for dummies

As an essential guide, a candidate will get a complete explanation of how to use AWS services when developing applications on the AWS Console. The book was penned by John Mueller, and this book will also help you understand the IaaS for Amazon Web Services.

 5. AWS Development Essentials

An eminent guide for expert programmers, developers, and architects who want to learn how to migrate to AWS The book’s content explains how to deploy, develop, and manage applications on the AWS platform. This is helpful for people who are preparing for the AWS Developer Associate exam and for individuals working on AWS.

 6. AWS Certified Developer- Associate Complete Guide

Nick Alteen, Jennifer Fisher, Casey Gerena, and Wes Gruver wrote the book. This manual handbook covers the exam objectives and offers hands-on exercises and practice questions. This book is appropriate for those who are preparing for the AWS Certified Developer- Associate exam.

 7. Amazon Web Services in Action

This book is written by Michael Wittig and Andreas Wittig. Though this book is not a certification specific book, the resources in it provide a vast understanding of AWS services and how they perform together, and this information is valued when designing and developing AWS applications.

 8. AWS Lambda in Action

The book is penned down by Danilo Poccia; if any individual is interested in serverless computing and AWS Lambda, which is a prominent topic in AWS Certified Developer certification, this handbook is a great choice.


“Knowledge is of no use unless you put it to practice.” So, practice for a fair amount until this takes you miles ahead. AWS Developer Associate professionals are in major demand in the IT market. To understand the distinctions of the subject and to help clear the AWS Developer Associate Exam, practical knowledge is of great help. Getting a certification for the AWS Developer Associate exam will help the candidate prove his credibility and knowledge of AWS.