Introduction AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification 

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification is an entry level course, but it is excessively valuable to building a career in this field. Once you have checked this certification off your list, you can expect to leave behind a positive impression, which will help the companies you have applied to remember you. Even though this is an entry level certification, the companies will promptly assume that you have a set of knowledge and skills that are beneficial for their company, as they recognize that you have refined fields like AWS Cloud concepts, security and compliance, and AWS Support services. Of course, you will have an upper hand if you have completed an AWS cloud practitioner project. 

Today we are here to give you a helping hand in finding the most suitable job for you after you have bagged this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. But remember, this role comes with ceaseless responsibilities, and you need to handle them all! Customarily, your task list might include dealing with cloud migration initiatives, guiding the organization in order to tackle high risk issues, and evaluating workload architecture. But no matter how laborious this might sound, it has created a furor in this generation due to its high demand. 

Jobs for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

AWS is, without a doubt, the best road you can walk on to reach your high paying, and preferred job position.

Cloud Software Engineer

Your job is to design and implement new software devices and systems in various different programming languages, like Python, C++, Javascript, and others. If you want to learn these languages to boost your career, then you can visit ThinkCloudly’s page, where you can find the courses that may assist you in getting in-depth knowledge about such topics. You can also be solicited to mentor junior engineers or even break down convoluted processes for non technical individuals. They also help in determining the functioning of a system and assist programmers in writing the software code.

You can expect $1,14,635 after a year of working for a company.

Cloud DevOps Engineer

As a professional in this role, if you want to earn those $ 173,500 a year, you might need to build and deploy software and infrastructure delivery pipelines and maintain production systems and services by also balancing service reliability with delivery speed. They also track the services and make sure that the production operations are effective. They create and test the infrastructure and resources that allow rapid software development.

SysOps Administrator

SysOps administrators are responsible for managing and operating AWS environments. They have sundry jobs, except for ensuring the reliability, security, and performance of AWS infrastructure, among countless others. To score this job, you need to know the primary skills like AWS Services Knowledge, System Administration, Networking Concepts, Security and Compliance, Automation and Scripting, Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Disaster Recovery and High Availability, Collaboration and Communication, and also keep up with the latest trends and passion to continue learning.

The average salary of a SysOps administrator is estimated to be $128,375 annually, or $61.72 per hour.

System Integrator

With Amazon Cloud Practitioner job one can expect to get accepted as a Systems Integrator and earn around $141,000 a year by undergoing some vital responsibilities like building computing systems for clients by combining hardware, software, networking, and storage products. They also make sure that they fix any issues related to automation. They are also liable to optimize the client’s disparate hardware and software subsystems into a comprehensive IT solution.

AWS Networking Specialist

You are asked to design, guard, scale, and make highly available network infrastructure on AWS while reacting to requirements like network security, hybrid IT connectivity, network integration, and other AWS services. You will be responsible for completing each task with proficiency, and you will let them know that they made the correct choice by hiring you over the other candidates who were competing with you. 

Rest assured, your account will display the credited $129,400 after successfully working for a year in this role.

Cloud Developer 

Cloud Developers have a specific job of creating and managing useful websites, programs, applications, etc. They make use of some tools that help with their tasks. They also can’t ignore the fact that they have to implement and maintain the cloud systems of the companies. There are numerous job opportunities here; you just need to make yourself stand out in the crowd, as a lot of people are chasing success in this field. Ensure that your resume and CV are well-written and that you have researched your potential company well. Amazon cloud practitioner salary ranges from $130,000 to $62.50 per hour depending on job responsibilities. Isn’t that a catch?


You have already achieved the knowledge and skills that most of your peers must not possess, and that is going to help you get the dream job. Along with this, you should also continue learning and building your skills to make sure that you are always up to date and won’t be easily replaceable in any given role. Around 75% of people who opt for this exam have passed, and these numbers will only grow with time. So it’s time to build your USPs!