Introduction For AWS DevOps Engineer

Stop being a caveman and living in the past. The world is evolving, and new things always emerge and change the dimensions of the future. It is crucial to always stay updated with the latest dynamics of the world and work on yourself accordingly. 

Cloud Computing is the latest but hottest field to be working in. To truly excel in this domain, a strong understanding of important AWS services for DevOps is essential. AWS, along with other platforms, dominates the cloud computing landscape, and expertise in these services opens doors to the best IT careers in the AWS Cloud and DevOps fields.

The average AWS DevOps salary in the USA is $129,953 per annum or $62.48 per hour. Just how impeccable this career path is, the striving competition is also extremely high. A cloud DevOps Engineer is required to have proficiently outshine question-less responsibilities like preparing test data, analyzing results, troubleshooting issues, validating each software release, etc. To truly stand out and land your dream job, possessing a strong foundation in important AWS services for DevOps is crucial. These skills will allow you to excel in these core responsibilities and contribute significantly to a team’s success.

9 skills for AWS DevOps Engineer one must adopt.

Acquired expertise in Coding and Scripting.

The most important skills that not only a DevOps engineer but every person in the cloud industry should have a knack for are coding and scripting. Individuals should be familiar with programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Bash, Shell, Node, etc.  Besides this being a very basic requirement, the next thing will be Linux, which is one of the operating environments that developers still find remarkably useful. The advantages are high, and it is fruitful for many DevOps engineers all around.  A little drudgery and endurance will surely help you learn all this quickly, and this will assist in climbing the ladder toward your cloud DevOps engineering positions.

Begin your journey toward learning all the Important AWS services and tools

A profound grasp of numerous important AWS services for DevOps, such as EC2, Lambda, S3, CloudFormation, ECS, EKS, RDS, and IAM, will help you successfully master your field and grab the perfect AWS DevOps job opportunities at some really good companies like Google or even Amazon.

Let’s have an overview of these important AWS services for DevOps

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

Provides on-demand, scalable compute capacity in the cloud. EC2 is the foundation for many other AWS services and is a core component for building and deploying applications on AWS. 

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

Object storage for any type of data, including archives, websites, and big data applications. S3 is a highly scalable, durable, and cost-effective storage service. 

AWS Lambda

A serverless, event-driven compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. Lambda is perfect for microservices and short-lived tasks. 

Amazon CloudFormation

Helps you provision and manage AWS resources in a safe and repeatable way. CloudFormation uses templates to automate the creation and configuration of your AWS infrastructure, a key aspect of DevOps automation using important AWS services for DevOps. 

Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service) and Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

Container orchestration services that help you deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications. ECS and EKS provide a way to automate container deployments and scaling, a core function of DevOps practices facilitated by important AWS services for DevOps. 

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)

A managed database service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale relational databases in the cloud. RDS supports a variety of popular database engines, including MySQL, Aurora, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.

AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Enables you to securely control access to AWS resources. IAM is essential for ensuring that only authorized users and applications can access your AWS resources, a critical security consideration when working with important AWS services for DevOps.

 By learning and mastering these important AWS services, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful AWS DevOps Engineer. 

Continuous Deployment/Continuous Integration (CI/CD)

This is also an in-demand skill that is asked for nowadays. If you are familiar with this as well, then congratulations! You have been selected for your long-awaited AWS DevOps Engineer job! The main intent of CD is to step up development and minimize the time it takes for changes to reach end users. 

There are many benefits to using CD, which are extremely beneficial for users. It improves the speed of development and bug fixes as coding becomes much faster, and it can be used to report bugs much earlier, which helps in rectifying the issue much faster.  The CD also helps in reducing risk and costs, enhancing the quality of release, visibility, and tracking, which ultimately leads to better feedback and customer satisfaction.

Cloud and DevOps go Hand in Hand

Cloud and DevOps cannot go without each other; hence, learning and mastering certain cloud skills is quite important. Some must-know skills that are required are Database Skills, Machine Learning and AI, CD and Migration, Automation, etc. ThinkCloudly has designed some courses for people who want to have rooted wisdom in such departments.

The positive reviews and the number of people who have landed their dream AWS DevOps jobs show how carefully and profoundly we teach our students and help them boost their careers in India or even abroad. Cloud infrastructure provides an excellent boost for DevOps and facilitates scalability.

Infrastructure as a Service/Configuration Management (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, provides services that allow businesses to properly organize their data and software use, along with various other potential benefits to users. If you are looking for this job to be vacant for you, go learn in depth about IaaS and unlock its benefits to help users get the best results and to help yourself get the job you have always wanted. IaaS is very beneficial as it involves improved profit margins and cuts operating costs for a company.

It is also famous for its adaptability, which allows employees to promptly respond to changing circumstances in their industry and market demands. It also helps businesses create software that can take advantage of it and bring innovation. Along with this, there is also the benefit of boosted security, enhanced business continuity, better data recovery, etc. 

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) makes DevOps possible

How is it important, you ask? Well, infrastructure as code, or IaC, helps DevOps test applications in the early development cycle in production-like environments. Interviewers look for all these skills to be listed in your resume or CV and see how they glow when they spot all of them in yours. You can learn more about writing a resume on ThinkCloudly’s website, as they provide interesting tips in their resume and CV-building course.

Various Soft Skill

Always make sure that you leave space for listing your soft skills on your resume along with your experience and other skills. Being a good communicator and a patient listener is something very respectful, and not everyone is capable of it. Be curious about your work and also about your future company, which makes you look like you are actually interested in working with them, instead of being ignorant and just minding what is required. Being able to successfully collaborate and get involved in teamwork is not everyone’s cup of tea but is essential, as you can be made to work under any unannounced circumstances.


Version control is also an often-looked-for skill for new employees. It is also important as it provides the complete history of every file made by businesses or individuals over the years. It also helps protect the source code from any errors, accidental deletions, or other unintentional mistakes. 

Security skills might come in handy!

Last but certainly not least, DevSecOps is something that you should know about, as it is responsible for implementing security practices into the DevOps workflow to make sure that all the work is delivered securely and smoothly without any further issues.


Listing down something is never-ending when it comes to such a vast field, and grabbing the perfect job opportunities as a DevOps Engineer will have its own challenges. Make sure that you invest your time in building different skills and mastering them to catch the eye of an able employee searching for hungry companies.