As technology is taking over everything today, it is better to grab opportunities which will benefit you in the future. Cloud computing is a leading industry, and learning it will be extremely beneficial in the times to come. 

Currently, the three main cloud computing platforms are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). For beginners, we recommend cloud computing courses which are not provider specific and will provide online training which will teach you about cloud computing aspects and specific skills. But there are also some extremely valuable cloud computing courses or online courses with certifications, which will help you learn more about specific platforms and you can grasp more knowledge about it.


Here are some Best Cloud Computing Courses : 

  1. Azure Fundamentals – AZ 900

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is a cloud computing course where you can learn and get online training about Azure platform and its aspects and various concepts to get to know it in a better way. This is the most basic and beginner’s level Azure course which is extremely valuable for people who have just started their journey and are looking for good online courses with certificates. It is one of the best and most opted for cloud computing courses one can go for. One is required to get Microsoft Azure 900 certification online training in order to clear the exam. ThinkCloudly is an extremely popular and trustworthy 

  • Certification Validity – Lifetime
  • Certification Fee – USD 99 
  • Skills Covered – Cloud computing concepts, Azure services, deployment models, security and compliance, are all included in this online training course. 
  • Difficulty Level – Beginner
  • Number of Questions – 40 to 60
  • Passing Score – 700 out of 1000

      2. Azure Administrator – AZ 104

This is another cloud computing course that you can learn with online training under good and renowned online learning platforms. Here, one can test their understanding of Azure cloud services and ways to manage and deploy them in a correct way, as well as be familiar with the operating systems, networking, servers, etc. 

  • Certification Validity – 1 Year 
  • Certification Fee – USD 165 
  • Skills Covered – Azure infrastructure deployment, management, and monitoring 
  • Difficulty Level – Intermediate
  • Number of Questions – 40 to 60 
  • Passing Score – 700 out of 1000

      3. AWS Cloud Practitioner 

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud Practitioner is one of the excellent cloud computing courses and you get online training from various online learning Platforms like ThinkCloudly. This is an entry level cloud computing course where you can learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing in the form of an online training. If you wish to learn more about cloud computing and want to get proper online courses with certificates, you can definitely go for this cloud computing course even though you don’t have any prior knowledge. 

  • Validation of the Certification : 3 years
  • Certification Fee : USD 100
  • Skills Covered : Cloud computing concepts, AWS services, cloud computing fundamentals 
  • Difficulty level : Beginner
  • Number of Questions : 65
  • Passing Score : 700 out of 1000

      4. CompTIA Cloud Essentials + 

CompTIA is a cloud computing course which does not include any provider which in general just covers all the fundamentals and aspects of cloud computing, including its security and infrastructure. One can get the online training or online courses with certificates on online learning Platforms like ThinkCloudly, where you get exemplary online training for diversified cloud computing courses under the guidance of experienced professionals.

  • Certification Validity : 3 years
  • Certification Fee : USD 134 – USD 359
  • Skills Covered : Cloud computing concepts, security, infrastructure as well as deployment 
  • Difficulty Level : Intermediate 
  • Number of Questions : 75
  • Passing Score : 720 out of 1000



This is a guide to help you look for good cloud computing courses through online training on renowned online learning Platforms like ThinkCloudly. You can start your journey in Cloud computing by getting your hands on these cloud computing courses and moving towards a successful career.