We have dealt with some extremely tenacious individuals who have worked exhaustively in building a career in something they really wish to see themselves working in the future. Cloud Computing is one of the most successful career choices that one can think of. We have endless and top-notch courses which have backed many tomorrows of young aspiring individuals.

But intermittently, there are also some students who have shown unusual interest in Cloud Computing when they have discovered it without having any previous knowledge about the same. It is indeed an excellent choice as some top companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, and Nokia, hire employees from this background as it is a never-ending need.

The success rate is high, as the future of cloud computing jobs is predicted to continue at over 10% growth per annum, and 94% of enterprises use cloud services in 2023! This is why we have thought about such issues and were initially puzzled as to how can someone jump into such a vast industry without wasting any more years of their upcoming life, but providentially, we have come up with some quick fixes that might assist them in walking towards a future they are hysterical about.

Cloud Computing Job For A Non-Cloud Background Person

Here is a quick read on how you can secure a cloud computing job without having any prior knowledge and prerequisites.

1. Understanding the exact concept of Cloud Computing and growing more knowledge about it. 

Firstly, brushing off some basics is what’s important as it is time-consuming. We always suggest starting by educating yourself on Windows, Linux and networking. These are some imperative things that someone who is in the Cloud should know about. One can easily learn this in a matter of weeks and ace all aspects of it. 

Furthermore, one should also not forget to learn about the top cloud platforms which are leading right now, like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Cloud Computing is fragmented without them and you cannot start off anywhere without being familiar with how they work and what all they can do to help in any business.

2. Start exploring the certifications which directly link to what you are looking forward to learning and acing.

Here at ThinkCloudly, we offer bounteous certifications that are crafted to benefit our future generations. Our website has direct links to all our courses which can be immensely beneficial to build your resume and ultimately build your career. Our professors have years and years of endless and deep knowledge about the subjects that we teach here and they can be the perfect guides to boost your dreams. We have handpicked some of the greatest minds to help us help the youngsters climb to the top of the rankings. We can proudly say that no student at ThinkCloudly has ever gone home with unsolved doubts. 

AWS certified cloud practitioner is an entry-level course that you can opt for. We can assure you that you will only feel more confident after you have successfully completed this course and leave wanting to learn more and more. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals is another excellent choice for amateurs. After brushing off the basics, they can acquire immense knowledge about the Cloud and how the process goes in just a few days. 

There are ample other courses that one can go through and we have conveniently listed all of them on our website so individuals can check them without any hassle. 

After cracking these, students can proceed to apply for some advanced courses which build their already received knowledge to the next level. Remember, the key to success is by being the master of as many subjects as you can go for! The more courses you ace by upskilling yourself, the more likely it is for a company to shake hands with you.

3. Soft Skills and high-income skills will never let you starve!

Along with Certifications and 100% attendance in your Cloud Computing Courses, you should not keep other crucial things in the dark. Soft Skills build your resume and your impression just as much as they actively speak about the kind of person you are. They display the pinpoint credentials that a company is expecting from a new employee and keep them interested in working with you. High income skills come secondary to your major approach in life but they highlight your touch to many other relevant skills in life. A Jack of all Trades is always better than a Master of One!

4. Start looking for internships to raise your experience and frame your resume.

Internships are always helpful no matter what field you work in. You gain practical knowledge about your industry and also get a chance to showcase your skills and let people know what you are capable of. As internships also have interviews, you can work on your resume like you will when you are going for a real job and know what companies are expecting from young graduates. ThinkCloudly also has carefully designed a course to assist young people make noticeable and interesting resumes and CVs as there are hundreds of other resumes formerly sitting on their desks. 

To ace the interviews, one should enlighten themselves with common interview questions relevant to Cloud Computing. This helps in revealing that you are not there without research and that you are taking these interviews very passionately. 

Through these steps, you can also apply for some entry-level Cloud-related positions, which include Cloud Support Engineer, Junior Cloud Developer, etc. Talk as much as you can and build a bond with your interviewer to multiply your chances of getting the green signal. The average salary in this field is estimated to be around $100,000.

5. Never put breaks to your learning process.

Learning is never-ending and no man on this planet has the knowledge about each and every aspect of life. New things always take birth and revolutionize the world in a split second. Always stay updated with the latest trends which affect your field and try to overcome them as well. Even after you have landed your dream job, don’t stop collecting those certificates and trophies to build your name even further.


Persistence is the key, and a little hard work has never gone to waste. Even the most impossible-looking hurdles can be overcome by believing in yourself and giving that extra push to your boundaries. Cloud Computing is a boundless potential holding industry, and it is for sure that no one is going to leave dissatisfied.