DevOps has now become so popular that you don’t need to say much about it anymore. And a fruitful career in it, will land you a great job with an average annual salary of $105,000 to $114,000 or even $160,000 in the USA! This makes devops online training and certification absolutely necessary to achieve as it can help you get a good devops training and placement, USA. 

When can you expect to complete your online training for devops?

It takes just a few weeks to learn Azure DevOps and complete your online training for devops. But if you want to become a DevOps engineer, to gather the relevant skills and online training for devops, it might take around 6 months. One can speed up the process a little by researching advanced devops certification online training and bagging that devops certification and good online training. But this also depends on how much time you dedicate in your training and studies and the amount of prior knowledge you have about the same. 

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a software as a service (SaaS) that offers various software development and IT operations dimensions. It ultimately provides effective development, deployment and well refined software. This will be the most fundamental subject that you will learn in devops online training and certification. 

The specific features that DevOps offers are – 

  • Reporting
  • Version control
  • Project management 
  • Testing
  • Build automation 

Azure DevOps Certification that you can go for

  • DevOps certification training course
  • CI/CD pipelines with jenkins certification training course
  • Puppet and ansible certification 
  • DevOps engineer master’s program 
  • Docker certified associate (DCA) certification training course 

Who can go for these certifications?

  • Cloud engineers 
  • Architects
  • Systems administrators and IT managers 
  • IT team leaders and technical project managers
  • Deployment engineers 
  • Operations support

Azure DevOps Jobs 

Here are some Azure DevOps jobs that you can apply to after you have completed devops certification online training :

  • Cloud DevOps engineer
  • Cloud security engineer 
  • Cloud system’s engineer
  • Cloud consultant 

Skills to master for DevOps

  • Intermediate to advanced Linux skills and expertize
  • Basic to Intermediate level of networking skills
  • Well versed with at least one cloud platform 
  • Infrastructure automation 
  • SLDC
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Scripting
  • Good observation and monitoring skills
  • Container technology 

DevOps Training and Placements USA

Your devops training and placement in the usa is easier if you work hard by getting proper online training for devops and mastering everything about DevOps. The entry level salary for a DevOps Engineer in the USA is around $107,250 annually, whereas an experienced professional can expect around $160,000 per year! This can even increase according to your experience and expertize in the field. It is also estimated that DevOps’ popularity will now increase even more in the coming years which will ultimately increase the demand for DevOps professionals who are well versed in this field. This is why one should look for the certification or job that they are interested in and go for it for a successful and assured career in the future.


DevOps is a great career choice for a bright future as it is an ever increasing and demanding career and it also provides swift growth and a six figure salary which is something that everyone looks up to. It is not rocket science and anyone can do it with a little persistence and with a good strategy and planning, one is not far from their DevOps dream.