Introduction what is PSM certification and how is it useful?

PSM Certification stands for Professional Scrum Master Certification, which reflects your overall knowledge and understanding in Scrum Masters

This is the most in demand Scrum Certification followed by CSD, PSPO, SSM, and CSP certifications. 

There are 3 levels of Professional Scrum Master

To achieve these three levels of PSM certification, one needs to get a proper PSM certification training, or a PSM online training through a well known platform. ThinkCloudly offers professional and experienced PSM certification training as well as PSM online training for their students under the guidance of experts who are well versed in this subject. 

1. Professional Scrum Master I

As this is the first level of this certification, this can be achieved by the beginners in this field. It is the fundamental level of this certification as they teach you the basics of Scrum Mastery. 

2. Professional Scrum Master II

The professionals who secure this level of certification, have an advanced level of knowledge in Scrum mastery and know more than the basics of it, by excelling in the whole subject along with the principles of Scrum and showcase the ability of applying Scrum in complicated, real life situations. 

3. Professional Scrum Master III 

Successfully achieving the third level of Scrum Master certification, makes the certification holder display their distinct knowledge in the Scrum Mastery. These professionals have a deep knowledge about the application and practices of Scrum.

The Key Outcomes of Professional Scrum Master (PSM certification) Certification –

  • Successfully achieve the needed skills and experience required to become a Scrum Master
  • Making use of the appropriate theories and principles behind Scrum
  • Making of agile plans with the help of Product Backlog
  • Knowing the need of self managing teams, interpersonal skills, and the importance of Scrum Master
  • The making of plans for complexes in the product delivery process

The main Benefits of the PSM certification :

1. PSM certification helps you to highlight your resume among others –

With the ever increasing competition for certain job roles in this field, it is difficult to book a spot for yourself when there are innumerable people fighting for the same position. But getting a PSM certification through a proper PSM online training or PSM certification training can help you get distinguished in the crowd. This can ensure that you have caught the company’s eye and your chances of getting the job are high. 

After getting your dream job you can also be recognized as someone who is extremely knowledgeable in this field as compared to the other interns or employees.

2. You can expect a better pay with a PSM certification compared to someone who doesn’t :

The certified professionals for PSM certification are definitely more knowledgeable about the subject as compared to those who don’t have a good PSM online training or PSM certification training, along with a PSM certification and these days it is almost impossible to land a good job without a certification to prove your skills, knowledge and a good PSM certification training.

3. Quick risk and threat assessment :

If a certified professional comes across a risk or a hazard that may cause an issue in the future, they can easily manage and mitigate it before it creates any more problems. A PSM certification holder is already capable of adapting to such situations and assisting their team better because of their PSM online training and knowledge which makes them better at this job.

4. Building solid foundations of Scrum :

As a certified professional with a Professional Scrum Master certification, one can get vast knowledge on all the aspects of Scrum Mastery. With a proper PSM certification training or even a PSM online training, one can train themselves in all the challenges which they might face when they are working with a company, much better than a person with no PSM certification. 

5. Getting the Agile Mindset :

Scrum requires an agile mindset as it results from an agile methodology. To achieve the best results, you and your team need this agile mindset along with a self-sufficient and consistent agile approach. When a person gets a PSM certification, they can easily get this mindset and it will also be beneficial for your team in your company. This will ensure successful results and growth of your organisation. 


PSM stands for Professional Scrum Master, and getting a PSM certification is extremely beneficial. One can go for PSM certification training or PSM online training to build their knowledge on this subject and then pursue their PSM certification without any difficulty. This will make you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting your dream job!