Introduction About Top 10 AWS Major Services –

Amazon Web Services (AWS services) is one of the most reliable and popular cloud computing platforms that offers more than 200 AWS services for the very convenience of their users. The most liked part about AWS services is that you only need to pay for what you need and not for all the services provided which significantly helps in cost cutting. 

Top 10 AWS Major Services –

  1. Amazon EC2 ( Elastic Compute Cloud)

EC2 is one of the core AWS services which offers the users a secure, and resizable compute capacity. One can create virtual machines with this AWS major service, as well as manage various different server features which include ports, security, and storage. This core AWS service is also time efficient which allows you to focus more on strategic projects rather than wasting time on the maintenance of the servers. EC2 is also useful as it allows the users to provision computing resources along with scaling up or down as per the demand. 

      2. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

This is another one of the AWS foundational services that offers its users efficient web storage services which are for online backup and data archiving. This is also cost efficient yet it offers optimum storage for your backups, archives, disaster recovery, boasting enviable durability along with excellent availability options. Organizations which need vast storages can be dependent on S3 for the storage of their important data. 

      3. Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services)

Amazon RDS is a major AWS service that is involved in giving the users tools which are useful to set up, operate, and scale databases in the cloud. This is effective when supporting some highly used database engines like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. This is a core AWS service which helps you to manage your time and reduces your time consumed in maintaining your database servers. 

      4. Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)

Amazon SNS is a great AWS service which is a fully managed messaging service which is also a cost cutting solution which can be used for bulk message delivery which is mostly utilized by mobile users. This foundational AWS service allows you to communicate with customers directly through system to system or app to person through decoupled microservice, and serverless apps, as well as distributed systems. Amazon also offers integration with PNP, Node, Python, and more. 

      5. Amazon Lambda

This core AWS service is a serverless service which allows its users to conveniently run code without the need to provision or manage servers. This AWS service also allows the user to use applications and services without any infrastructure. Users only pay for the time that has been consumed. Amazon Lambda allows its users to operate code for almost any application or backend utility without the need for any administration. Users are only needed to upload the code and later, Lambda provides precise software scaling with extensive availability.

      6. Amazon  Autoscaling

This AWS fundamental service offers autoscaling solutions that monitor your apps which automatically changes the capacity to maintain a steady, predictable performance without any extra charges. This AWS service can manage your organization’s servers as well as manage the incoming traffic. Here, one can also create various instances whenever they need to which makes this an unbeatable service. By using machine learning algorithms, it can adjust according to your daily and weekly patterns. 

      7. Amazon IAM (Identity and Access Management)

This core AWS service offers a user a secure way to access and manage the necessary resources. It lets you access and control any asset in the AWS cloud with the assistance of multifactor authentication along with the configuration of group policies. With Amazon IAM, you can create and manage users or groups by allowing and denying permissions for the purpose of individual resources. 

      8. Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)

This core AWS service is a fully managed event queuing service that allows a user to decouple and scale microservices along with serverless applications. SQS also allows a user to send, store, and receive messages between software components at various volumes without the risk of losing messages, or even the need of other services. 

      9. Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

This AWS fundamental service helps a user to provide a reliable, and isolated virtual network for customers to help them launch AWS resources. This core AWS fundamental service grants total control over a user’s environment that includes a choice to select their own IP address range, making subsets, and the arrangement of route tables as well as network access points. 

      10. Dynamo DB

This AWS service is a database with efficient structuring which provides single digit millisecond performance at scale. Dynamo provides a built-in security solution along with a fully managed, multimaster, multi region, durable database, backup and restore as well as in memory archiving for web scale applications. 


These core AWS services are very useful as well as cost effective which makes them extremely important for cloud. These AWS services are also extremely secure which help in ensuring continuous operational efficiency. Amazon also has 200+ services which are useful but these are the top must have services.