Introduction of Azure DevOps Certification

Whether you are new to the Cloud Computing industry or an experienced professional, getting trained in Microsoft Azure DevOps certification can help you jump-start your career or get the push you need. Especially for beginners Microsoft Azure DevOps training stands out to be the cost-effective choice. With this Certified Azure DevOps Engineer certification you can fast-track your career in the IT industry. 

Azure DevOps certification is the best choice for beginners seeking the most valuable DevOps certification. With its comprehensive curriculum and industry recognition, Azure DevOps certification equips newcomers with essential skills in continuous integration, continuous delivery, and agile development practices. It not only offers a solid foundation for understanding DevOps principles but also provides hands-on experience with Microsoft’s robust DevOps tools and services. This certification not only boosts your employability but also sets you on a path to excel in the dynamic world of DevOps.

Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft Azure is the most picked certification for beginners:

  • Azure DevOps Training is Easy

One of the primary reasons for students to shortlist this cloud certification is the easy-to-understand concepts where the documentation is clear and concise. There are various online videos and sources available for students to learn the concepts. 

  • DevOps certification is very valuable

Becoming a certified Azure DevOps engineer can actually help you stand out from the competition, and it is considered a very valuable certification. This certificate proves that the candidate can design, build and manage Azure solutions. The curriculum covers various aspects like Azure Fundamentals, computing, data, networking administration and security. 

  • One of the most popular platforms

Many organisations are dependent on the Azure DevOps platform and Azure DevOps is the best when it comes to DevOps platforms in the world. This in turn indicates that there is and will always be a demand for Azure DevOps engineers. 

  • Azure DevOps training is affordable

In comparison with other certifications Azure DevOps certification is relatively cheap and reliable for getting good ROI( Return On Investment). So this becomes an easy option for beginners who are underconfident on selecting cloud certification or cloud computing as a career. 

  • Hands-On Learning

This certification emphasizes more on practical training and creating mock real-world scenarios so that the students can get used to real-world challenges. Hands-on labs help students to execute theoretical knowledge and skills boost their confidence and build their problem-solving skills. 

  • In lieu of industry demand

DevOps is becoming the need of the hour for businesses and it has become the new standard for software development and deployment. They are in high demand across industries like; Insurance, Software Manufacturers, Defense and Aerospace etc.

Companies Currently Using Azure DevOps Server:

Company Name Website


Top Level Industry Sub Level Industry
Boeing Chicago Manufacturing Aerospace & Defense
Wells Fargo San Francisco Finance General Financial Services & Insights
UPS Atlanta Transportation Freight & Logistics Services
Aristocrat Technologies North Ryde Technical Software Manufacturers
PacificSource Springfield Insurance Insurance
GEICO Washington Insurance Insurance
  • Career Opportunities

Certified Azure DevOps Engineer can explore various roles like; Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Release Manager etc. These roles come with promising growth prospects and competitive salaries. 

Beginners can showcase their certification as a testament to their skill and knowledge with Azure certification. They can get a good competitive edge in a slowly saturating job market. 

  • Stepping stone toward advanced certification

 The knowledge and skill learnt during your Azure DevOps training is the foundation stone for higher success through advanced Azure certifications. More and more complex topics and concepts can be gained by any student after completing this certification.

What does Azure DevOps do?

In very simple terms they plan, build, develop, deploy and monitor software. It includes a wide range of roles and responsibilities.

  • Planning and Tracking

Azure DevOps provides tools for managing projects, tasks, and bugs.

  • Version control

It is easy to collaborate and track changes to code as Azure DevOps uses Git for version control.

  • Build and release automation

Azure DevOps makes it possible to automate the development and release process, which can save time and money.

  • Testing

Tools for testing code and applications are offered by Azure DevOps.

  • Deployment

Code and applications can be deployed to working environments using Azure DevOps.

  • Monitoring 

Tools for monitoring live apps are available through Azure DevOps.

Here are the Azure DevOps Certification Exams

  • AZ-400: Designing and Implementing DevOps Solutions: 

Experienced DevOps engineers who wish to showcase their abilities in developing and implementing DevOps solutions can take this test.

  • AZ-204: Developing in Azure DevOps: 

Developers who want to demonstrate their proficiency in creating and deploying apps using Azure DevOps should take this test. If you really want to scale your career with Azure DevOps here are some tips you can consider.

  • Learn the basics of DevOps
  • Get familiar with Azure DevOps
  • Take mock tests
  • Register for the exams
  • Opt for 1:1 mentorship

If you are a beginner and looking to enter the IT industry then Azure DevOps training and certification might just be the answer you were looking for. It is a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge to the world. Make that wise investment in your career now!