Introduction of Cloud Internship Jobs In 2024 For Freshers

We often find ourselves in a spot where we are just sitting and wondering if we can fit into this ever-changing world of innovations and the antagonism of competition, where looking for a job without prior experience has become a war. Even if you are a fresh graduate, it could get tricky to get accepted in your preferred field and receive stipends. Therefore, to help you out of this pit, we have jotted down some internships that one can apply to if they are in a similar situation or even if they have just started looking for a position in this industry, as 3.6 billion+ people use the cloud, and it is an undying need of tomorrow.
Some websites where you can look for internships in Cloud Computing are:

  • LinkedIn
  • LetsIntern
  • Youth4Work
  • GlassDoor
  • Hello Intern
  • ThinkCloudly etc.

Some Cloud internship jobs for a beginner

Here are some cloud internship jobs that you can look for if you want to apply for a beginner’s role:

1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps is looking for some fresh minds to join them in their work who are interested in the DevOps Engineering position. They accept 0-1 years of experience have prior knowledge of Cloud Computers and can contribute well to their company. This is a sterling opportunity for you if you want to work as an intern and gain compliments for your expertise.
This is an entry-level job that can be applied for by anyone who is in the same category, and it can in turn reap benefits for you as you gain an understanding of real-world jobs. The average stipend for a full-time intern can be around $1800 – $4215 a year.

2. Cloud Sales Specialist Fresher

This is another example of a fine job opportunity for a fresher who is just out of college and looking for experience and some pocket money. They can have 0-1 years of experience and are enthusiastic about being a part of high-tech companies. Make sure that your resume has all the soft skills listed clearly, and if you have any prior experience in an internship or job, it will give you a bonus point. You should be familiar with how the cloud works and be opinionated about it. The average salary of a full-time intern can be between $144 – $160 a month. 

3. Python Developer Intern

Python is a very coveted programming language, and companies are always looking for interns/employees who are passionate about it and have in-depth knowledge about it. Learning Python will always come in handy, as it is an undying skill one can possess.
Be it Work from Home or office job, you can expect a payroll of $1200 – $2400 per year. 

4. Research Intern-Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud unifies public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises infrastructure to create one malleable IT infrastructure.
IBM, DevOps, Amazon, and other top companies also hire interns for basic-level internships/jobs which can make you go from 0 to 100 real quick. Your resume will unequivocally get highlighted among your competitors and heighten your chances of securing your desired position, as you have previously worked under the most qualified individuals you can ever work with. 

5. Cyber Security Engineer

A Cyber Security Engineer is prophesied to craft and implement secure network solutions that can shield against hackers, cyberattacks, or any other malicious threats.
A Cyber Security Engineer is expected to be cognisant of skills like Linux, Python, ELK, Machine Learning, Web Scraping, Dockers, AI, etc. The more skilled you are in such areas, the more you can expect an offer letter. 

6. Microsoft Azure DevOps Application Developer

An application developer designs and builds applications to meet the requirements of the respective companies. They are hired to manage the setting and implementation of DevOps pipelines, working on automating tasks related to infrastructure, monitoring, releasing, CI and CD, etc.
Good communication skills and being a patient team player are also a must if you are hunting for a cloud internship job. You need to work in a diverse environment where everyone expects a patient and hard-working nature.

7. AWS Solution Architect 

To be a recognizable Solutions Architect, you should entry-level AWS job able to provide the best solution for a problem by scrutinizing what technologies and software products can be used. You might also need to develop a budget for producing a software product based on it. There are several other things that are expected, like providing recommendations and roadmaps, designing and debugging analyzed solutions, providing technical leadership to a team, documenting and sharing best practice knowledge for new solutions, and the list goes on. 

8. Cloud Engineer

If you are looking for an internship job to take the position of a cloud engineer, you are supposed to maintain the cloud infrastructure and, of course, build it. A cloud engineer is also expected to assist organizations in migrating their computer systems to the cloud, creating applications and databases, and monitoring cloud management and data storage services.
If you have mastered relevant skills in areas like Cloud Platforms, Data Storage and Security, Networking, Programming and Operating Systems, then you are good to go and can expect to be hired after an impressive interview round.

9. Cloud Support Intern

AWS has embedded its roots in a vast array of audiences, and getting a cloud internship job at AWS is a huge deal. AWS Support Engineering helps in giving technical solutions to a variety of customers, and as the person in charge, you will have to be well-versed in every aspect of the job. AWS is rapidly growing and is always eager to hire candidates who are capable and interested. 

10. Java Developer

A Java developer at an entry-level job is not expected to have much experience, and they are given some uncomplicated responsibilities like defining site objectives by analyzing the user’s requirements, creating user information solutions, creating multimedia applications, or even supporting clients by developing documentation. 

11. Cloud Administrators 

This might vary from company to company, but you are supposed to be familiar with cloud and system administration to keep a company’s IT system functioning properly and securely. You need to manage all angles of a company’s cloud-based application, including setting up cloud-based applications, training the company’s employees, controlling cloud application access, etc. to ace the position!

12. Microsoft Azure PaaS Application Lead

Your key responsibilities will be supporting the technical design process by participating in the breakdown of technical applications, developing and maintaining program tools for internal and external clients, or even providing technical and project management expertise


In order to step towards a bright, secure future, you need to start with baby steps. Internships are undoubtedly the best way to gain experience and to know how much you can and cannot do to learn more about your specialization. ThinkCloudly has some great tips for you to ace everything you are going for and provides you with the perfect guide to unlocking a worthy future.