This hashicorp terraform certification study guide helps you get the most out of everything so that one can train themselves well before cracking the terraform associate certification or hashicorp terraform certification exam. We have tried to cover all the aspects of the study guide for your hashicorp terraform certification exam. This hashicorp terraform certification is for cloud engineers who are into operations, IT, or development and are a little familiar with open source hashicorp terraform. Getting your terraform training and certification will definitely help you in your future career.

Benefits of getting the Hashicorp Terraform Certification

  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Version history
  • Consistency
  • Reusability
  • Portable across cloud providers

Here is a little list of things which will help you with hashicorp terraform certification training :

Get to know about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) –

Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool which helps engineers to define their software infrastructure in code. This tool helps you define cloud on both, on-prem resources as well as human-readable configuration files which one can reuse, version and share. By making use of terraform, teams can describe as well as provision various components of infrastructure as code. 

Why should one get the Terraform Associate Certification?

Terraform Associate Certification is a Terraform training and certification which includes getting to know the various aspects like :

  • Understanding IaC concepts
  • Knowing what Terraform is used for
  • Learning the Terraform basics
  • Utilizing Terraform out of its core workflow
  • Interacting with Terraform modules
  • Utilizing the core Terraform workflow
  • Implementing and maintaining state
  • Reading, generating and modifying configurations
  • Understanding Terraform cloud capabilities

The Terraform training and certification for Terraform Associate certification is one of the most preferred certifications and can help you learn about a lot of things about the very subject and candidates who are working in the cloud are expected to understand how Terraform works. The Terraform Associate certification costs $75 USD per exam attempt and one does not get any free exam retakes if they flunk the Terraform certification exam. This Terraform Certification is valid for 2 years and is a multiple choice exam. 

About the Hashicorp Terraform Certification Exam –

  • Multiple choice exam 
  • Total number of questions are 57
  • Duration of the Terraform Certification is 1 hour
  • Minimum score of 70% is required
  • Hashicorp Terraform certification is valid for 2 years after passing the exam

Go through the official study guide provided by Hashicorp –

Hashicorp offers an excellent and resourceful study guide for the Hashicorp Terraform certification exam. They have a well structured curriculum and the official documentation which helps in carefully studying for the exam and not missing out on any part of it. For the Hashicorp Terraform certification exam, they have provided objectives with sub-topics and links which take you to separate sections so that one can get to a particular topic and study for it in-depth. This also has a step-by-step guide and essential hands-on experience while learning the concepts of the Terraform certification. This Terraform certification study guide provided by Hashicorp is the best for people who are self-studying and are not getting any external terraform training. 

ThinkCloudly’s Hashicorp Terraform Certification training –

ThinkCloudly is another excellent source to learn about the comprehensive aspects of the Hashicorp Terraform certification. It provides an all inclusive and smartly structured curriculum for the Terraform training and certification. One can get immense knowledge about the Hashicorp Terraform certification under the guidance of expert professionals of ThinkCloudly who are always ready to clear all the doubts of their students and make sure that everyone will pass the examination with satisfactory results. The Terraform training and certification of ThinkCloudly is also extremely affordable and the duration of the course is not very long but is capable of efficiently making everyone understand all the concepts of Hashicorp Terraform certification.

Take Practice Tests –

After your preparation like studying and getting the Terraform training and certification preparation, one can test themselves to know where they are lacking. This is an essential step for everyone taking an exam so that they are well aware of the actual exam and will not feel overwhelmed when they are actually facing the original exam questions. One can easily find such Hashicorp Terraform certification practice exams online and get to know their capabilities by testing if they can answer 57 questions in an hour and get at least 70% of the questions correctly to pass the exam. 


These are a few tips to help you get prepared for your upcoming Hashicorp Terraform certification exam. In all, one can easily pass the examination with self study as it is a relatively easy exam to pass but getting a good Terraform training will significantly help you get good marks and will make sure that you pass in one go.