Introduction 5 Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Platform

Technology is becoming more and more essential, to the point where it is a necessity in the modern world. A part of everyone’s life is completely blended with technology, and companies like Google are making sure that we are able to access it in a superior and legitimate manner. As technology grows, various aspects of it also become urgent, like Cloud Computing. It is a necessary tool that helps individuals who are starting their own business or even trying to expand and boost their existing one. It is further useful for developers who need it to create, test, and release stages of their code projects. Then the question pops up, What is a Google Cloud Platform?

In simple terms, the Google Cloud Platform is a collaboration of Cloud Computing Services that are designed by Google and run on the same infrastructure that is used by Google for its end-user products, namely, Youtube and Gmail. Google also offers Google Cloud Certification, which is the most in demand certification for professionals getting into the IT industry.

The diverse services that the Google Cloud Platform serves are : Compute, Network, Big Data processing, and Machine Learning and AI.It is amplifying rapidly in popularity as they provide these many services in addition to being extremely easy to use. 

Coming to the topic of today’s discussion, 

How can the Google Cloud Platform be advantageous to a user?

1. Riskless Security Level will take the first spot on this list.

Users are always concerned about the protection of their privacy and important data. The person who trusts a platform for their privacy should definitely get that level of security, which ensures that they can be carefree while using a certain platform’s services. 

This is because of the burgeoning cases of hacking and cybercrime, which have shaken the world. This has left people wanting a secure platform where their confidentiality will be the top priority, and Google does just that. To talk in numbers, Google has 500 employees in the security department alone, which works on the improvement of the software at all hours. Google is crowned with 15 successful years of experience in this field, and evidently, it is continuing to grow even more. 

If a user feels like their data is at risk, they are immediately notified about any kind of threat and make sure that no damage is done to the user’s personal information. 

2. Better Pricing than the Competitors 

Budding entrepreneurs and young professionals cannot afford the high prices of such services, which forces them to put their data at risk and not get their work done effectively. Google is the best alternative to this, as it provides an affordable range that can stir the interest of such young and fledging individuals, in contrast to AWS, Digital Ocean, or even Microsoft Azure. As a result, Google only charges for the services that are actively used by its clients, discarding the ones that are not being used. Moreover, you are also offered discounts based on your activities, which makes Google 40-50% cheaper than the others! 

3. Worldwide connections 

As we all know, Google has rapidly established its presence all over the world, and no one is left unaware of its name. Google also has a significant number of data centers, networks, and cloud services across the globe, which is not just a tag to brag about but also greatly benefits the users. It multiplies the advantages of the users as they help in better performance, as the proximity of the hosting locations can assist the users with a fast loading site, which undoubtedly upsurges the conversion rate and reduces the bounce rate. This wide network of services reaches all nooks and corners of the world, even the most remote areas, which are also granted a speed of 10 Tbps, which cannot be found anywhere else. 

4. Reliable Backups and Multifold Productivity 

Losing your data can be the biggest nightmare, as years of work can vanish in an instant. This brings up the possibility of stressful conditions, which leaves the users puzzled and desperate for help. But rest assured, if you are a Google Cloud user, you are in safe hands. Google Cloud Platform makes sure that you are never to face such horrendous situations, and with the assistance of four different types of storage, it stores your data safely, so if such a situation arises, then there are two different regions where it is stored, which guard it from any internal or external influence. 

5. Google was made for Customer Satisfaction 

It is safe to say that Google provides painless customer service and looks out for users and their issues about almost anything by also making the necessary changes that were requested. 

There are a few types of customer service plans, including full scale paid support, where users get enhanced and premium support immediately, as well as a wide range of languages, communication channels, etc. 

Google Cloud Certification

Google cloud certification validates your skills and knowledge in Google Cloud technologies. Google cloud offers plenty of certification for students and professionals to upskill, like the Google Cloud Certified Digital Leader Certification. 

The Google Cloud Certified Digital Leader Certification is a foundational course that tests your skills and knowledge in Cloud Computing and Google Cloud Products and services. This Google Cloud Digital Leader certification is perfect for those who want to demonstrate their cloud computing skills to potential employers in the IT industry. 

Google Cloud Certified Digital Leader Certification covers following topics;

  1. Cloud Computing concepts
  2. Google cloud products and services
  3. Cloud use cases
  4. Cloud benefits and challenges
  5. Cloud security and compliance

Google cloud digital leader course

The Google cloud digital leader course covers all the topics that are covered in the exam for you to excel the certification.

Google Cloud Digital Leader Training

While taking up the Google Cloud Digital Leader Course you can opt for the Google Cloud Digital Leader Training for you to master the certification online as there are various platforms like Thinkcloudly that offers this service.


Google Cloud is a vast and powerful platform that was made for the convenience of its users and assists in the progressive building of an individual’s business or any developer’s career. It provides a variety of resources that were precisely crafted for the betterment of such activities, without any threats or limitations. It is highly recommended to use Google Cloud for your business and other data storage needs to ensure complete privacy in an affordable price range.