UiPath is a robotic process automation tool for large-scale end-to-end automation. It assists businesses by giving solutions to automate routine office activities which helps in accelerated business change. UiPath makes use of different methods to transform extended tasks into automated processes. The UiPath developer salary is around $115,000 per year in the US which is why getting a UiPath Training certification is extremely beneficial. One can get a UiPath certification through online training 

Some important features of UiPath are

  • Drag and drop workflow
  • Record and playback 
  • Inbuilt activities in UiPath
  • Advanced scrapping options 
  • High security and robustness 

Reasons why you should consider getting the UiPath Certification

  • It helps bring great credibility to your profile
  • Offers self-reliance when you face any issues related to automation 
  • Assists in building an assertive profile to stand out from the crowd 
  • Increases your chances of getting a job if you are already into RPA
  • Provides job satisfaction 
  • Increases credibility 
  • Offers great exposure to advanced technology 

We have listed some ways to get the UiPath Certification easily –

1. Review your basics

After you get your UiPath online training, it is necessary to keep on brushing off your basics. This makes sure that when you start learning new things, you still don’t forget the basics. 

2. Points to remember for the examination

If one has no prior UiPath online training, giving an examination to get UiPath certification might be a little difficult. That’s why along with dedicating decent hours every day for the preparation, one should also follow the below given steps :

  • After your studies and UiPath online training, if you are confident enough, take a practice test to check how well you have progressed and how much you will score in the actual examination.
  • Scenario based questions can also help highly while preparing for your UiPath journey.
  • UiPath provides all the resources you need to prepare for your examination, and it makes your learning process fun and easy. 

3. Practice 

The examination is usually 90 minutes long with a 70% passing score. One needs to have an overall knowledge on UiPath without missing out on anything. Self learning and looking for UiPath certification courses is very important to build your knowledge on the subject and get certified in one go. 

4. Research

Research well about your interests and then go for a certification. You will also have to know your strengths and the future career that you are looking forward to. You should also be well aware of UiPath task mining and UiPath assistant which are some of the important aspects of UiPath certification.

5. Sign up for the exam

After your online training, you should sign up for the examination. The UiPath Advanced Developer Certification exam is proctored by 3rd party, so you might need to sign up to take the exam at home, which is ideal, or you can go for a 6000 in-person testing exam in your locality. 

6. Exam Preparation 

When you sign up to take the test at home, you need to free up your schedule accordingly and also test your computer for compatibility with a 3rd party testing software. If you are well prepared for your UiPath certification exam, you can avoid any last-minute issues.

7. The day of the examination 

Always prepare well with UiPath online training and study well for days before your examination. The last few hours before your examination should be spared for reviewing everything that you have studied for in all these days. 

8. Exam details 

The exam will be 120 minutes long and you won’t get any extra time to finish it. So you need to prepare well and also go through some things like UiPath assistant and UiPath task mining. If you don’t leave anything unread, you will be able to finish it in the given time. There are more questions than the practice exam so prepare yourself accordingly. 

9. After the exam 

Always remember to check your answers after you have finished solving the questions. By keeping this in mind, try to finish early as some questions might be a little tricky but you need to be confident in your preparations and double-check your answers.

10. Don’t miss any details 

You might think that the MCQ exams might be easy, but that is not true. You should be well prepared and don’t forget about so,e important points like UiPath assistant and UiPath task mining when you are studying for your exam. It is important to have practical as well as theoretical knowledge when giving this exam. If you have prepared well, you can easily get the UiPath certification.


Getting UiPath certified is an amazing and exciting experience. It is a little tricky but with enough practice, one can easily crack it. Have a little confidence and go for the exam!