Introduction EC2 Interview Question to Ace Your Interview

Amazon EC2 is a service in the Amazon cloud platform which offers a scalable processing power that makes sure your business doesn’t need to make an upfront hardware investment. Getting AWS training is an important step to learn about when you are pursuing your AWS certification path, and learning about Amazon EC2 will be a significant part of it. 

Therefore, we have come up with some AWS EC2 interview questions which will be your helping hand in your upcoming AWS interview. This is a very in-demand field in today’s technomaniac world, and the average salary that you can expect is around $170k to $180k! 


1. What are the three basic types of Cloud Services?

Storage, Networking and Computing are the three basic types of Cloud Services. This is the most fundamental AWS EC2 interview question that you will be asked.

2. What are the types of queues in SQS?

FIFO Queues and Standard Queues are the two types of queues in SQS.

In your AWS EC2 interview questions, you can also expect some questions like :

3. Which are the various product categories available under AWS?

You might have learned this in your AWS training as a part of your AWS certification path, so you can list the following-

  • Analytics
  • Identity
  • Security 
  • Compliance
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Machine learning

4. What are the various Amazon EC2 instances?

This will also be a crucial topic taught in your AWS training and AWS certification path so that you won’t be puzzled when asked among your AWS EC2 interview questions.

The various Amazon EC2 instances include:

  • Accelerated Computing 
  • Compute-optimized Instances
  • Memory-optimized
  • Storage-optimized
  • General-purpose Instances

5. What are the functions of Amazon EC2?

Another most known AWS EC2 interview question one can expect! 

Amazon EC2 is a service that provides hosting environments, backup and disaster recovery, broad and deep instance choice, high-performance computing, and marketing and advertisements.

6. What are the components of Amazon EC2?

AWS interview questions include this question, where you can answer by mentioning the various components like-

  • Amazon Machine Images
  • Instant Types
  • Instance Purchasing Options
  • Tenancy
  • User Data
  • Storage Options 
  • Security

7. What is the full form of EC2?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

This can be a trick AWS EC2 interview question as people are not in the habit of calling it by its full name.

8. Is EC2 a PaaS or IaaS?

EC2 is a great example of Iaas.

9. What are Security Groups in AWS EC2?

A virtual firewall for a user’s EC2 instances are Security Group. They control the inbound and outbound traffic as well as define rules for the same.

10. How does one check their EC2 RAM?

A curious user can go to the CloudWatch Dashboard in their AWS console and then click Metrics. Then one can see a new CWAgent card and then they will get to see their EC2 memory usage.

11. What is the maximum size of EC2 user data?

The maximum data limit is 16KB.

12. How can one find their EC2 instance type?

This will be again taught when you are pursuing your AWS certification path and your AWS training. 

A user who is looking for their EC2 instance type can simply find it by using the Amazon EC2 console or AWS command line interface (AWS). 

13. What is the maximum number of user tags?

A maximum of 50 user-created tags can be made.

14. How can a user tag all their EC2 instances?

If you are asked such AWS EC2 interview questions, you need to give them a step-by-step guide to let them know accurately.

  1. Go to the Amazon EC2 console
  2. Choose the instance you want on the dashboard 
  3. Select the Tags tab, then select Manage tags
  4. Then, choose to add tag to the instance and provide the key value pair you had given during deployment 
  5. Then select save.

15. How many EC2 can a user launch in a region?

 20 EC2 instances is the limit set by AWS.

16. What is the EC2 snapshot?

A snapshot is a base feature that assists in creating backups of the user’s EBS volumes.

17. What is Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS)?

Amazon ECS is a fully managed service that is involved in running, stopping and managing Docker containers.

18. Can you name the instance states in AWS EC2?

The instance states in AWS EC2 include-

  • Pending
  • Running
  • Stopping
  • Stopped
  • Shutting down
  • Terminated 

19. Name the features of Amazon EC2

  • Bare Metal instances
  • Pause and Resume your instances
  • High I/O instances
  • Flexible Storage Options
  • Elastic IP Addresses
  • Enhanced Networking 

20. What is AWS EC2 Lambda?

This is an essential part of your AWS training and you can answer this by saying that AWS EC2 Lambda is a cloud service that deploys user-defined codes which are collectively named as functions. 

They might also ask you some general AWS interview questions like:

21. What are the AWS services that are not region-specific?

You can answer this AWS EC2 interview question by giving some examples like:

  • IAM
  • Route 53 
  • Web Application Firewall
  • CloudFront