Thinkcloudly is an online training platform where you can find all your cloud computing courses and training that you have been looking for everywhere! Thinkcloudly assists candidates who are interested in building their career in cloud computing and secures their journey in becoming a certified IT and managing expert, which makes sure that you have a successful future with high paying opportunities. Thinkcloudly provides an extended and comprehensive IT certification courses which are best suited to prepare you for the industry demands. 

Thinkcloudly offers various and efficient programs in :

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • DevOps 
  • Google Cloud
  • Management 
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cyber security 
  • Programming 
  • Robotic Process Automation 
  • Network 
  • Database
  • ERP

This pretty much covers all the aspects that one needs to prepare for. These subjects are taught by experts and professionals who have years of experience and knowledge in these fields who can guide you well throughout your journey in cloud computing and make sure that you are never left with any doubts. Your successful career is in safe hands with ThinkCloudly!

Live Projects

Along with these courses, Thinkcloudly also offers a variety of Live Projects for AWS, Azure, Cybersecurity, Azure DevOps, and many more. Here, students can get online training and get in-depth knowledge about all the different subjects.

This is one of the catchy points about Thinkcloudly. We are dedicated to give you all the possible insights into the different aspects of cloud computing and their platforms. Thinkcloudly reviews are self explanatory and our previous students have already voiced their Thinkcloudly reviews to share their experiences and all the assistance that they received through us. 

Certificate Assistance 

Thinkcloudly provides you with certificate assistance where one can get help from experienced professionals who are eager to assist you with your queries and solve your doubts in a flash. 

We offer help with the following :

  • AWS DevOps Professional 
  • AWS Solution Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Security Speciality
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner 
  • Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
  • Azure DevOps AZ-400
  • Azure Security AZ-500
  • Azure Architect AZ-305

Resume Preparation

At just $75 Thinkcloudly will help you in writing your resume that will make your resume stand out from others and will also guide you in your future updates on your resume. Our professionals have expertise in this area and their knowledge will definitely help you to understand how to beat your competitors. 

Thinkcloudly also helps you in LinkedIn Grooming at just $60 where it makes your LinkedIn profile eye catching and will make recruiters interested in your profile. 

Interview Preparation 

Another reason to go for Thinkcloudly is the excellent interview preparation tips that we give you. We have worked hard to give you the optimum future with our IT job services. Thinkcloudly reviews show how we have helped young minds through the toughest interviews and how they have cracked them with ease and paved their way to a successful future. Thinkcloudly helps you prepare for interviews by offering you mock interviews so that you are always prepared for everything. 

  • AWS DevOps Professional 
  • AWS Solution Architecture Associate
  • AWS Solution Architect Professional 
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Azure DevOps AZ-400
  • Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
  • Azure Architect AZ-305
  • Azure Security AZ-500

One can check our student’s success stories through our Thinkcloudly reviews section when one goes to Thinkcloudly login. We have made numerous dreams come true through our certifications and courses and transformed their lives by giving them a bright and successful future. 

ThinkCloudly’s Blog Section 

Thinkcloudly has provided a comprehensive blog section that provides you with information that you are looking for. These are written by experts who have thoroughly researched the topics and offered you an overview of most searched topics related to cloud computing. There are categories like :

  • Interview Questions (cloud computing interview questions)
  • Solutions
  • Knowledge Center
  • What’s New
  • Case Studies

Cloud Computing interview questions give you a brief about the kind of questions that you can expect during your interviews, whereas knowledge center has detailed information about a specific subject in cloud computing or even information about various cloud platforms.  

ThinkCloudly’s Quiz Section 

One can test themselves in Thinkcloudly’s quiz section where there are various tricky yet helpful quizzes which helps you to learn and know your weak points and helps you to understand where you are lacking so that you can focus on those subjects. 

Industry Aligned Curriculum 

ThinkCloudly’s curriculum is vast and helps young candidates develop their knowledge in cloud computing and build a secure future in it. 

Experienced Professionals 

Thinkcloudly has collected great and experienced professionals who have years of knowledge in a specific subject that helps students to know more and more about their chosen subjects and fields. Thinkcloudly’s professors make sure that none of your doubts are left uncleared and make sure that every student leaves with a confident smile on their faces. 

Competitive Advantage 

Thinkcloudly ensures that all our students get highlighted from their competitors by providing them with a competitive edge in the job market. Getting certifications here makes you stand out and secures a position in your dream company. 

Enhanced Learning and Adaptive Information 

Thinkcloudly makes sure that it is always upto date with their information and latest updates in the market. We are dedicated to teach our students the importance of continuous learning and adaptability which will significantly improve their knowledge.

Variety of topics 

Thinkcloudly covers various aspects and topics of cloud computing and teaches their students essential concepts which ensure complete understanding of every subject. 


Thinkcloudly is the best platform to go for if you are interested in learning about cloud computing and the various aspects of it. It give you A to Z solutions which makes sure that you don’t have to look elsewhere right from learning about your interested field to cr