Introduction SOC Analyst Job For Beginners

Security Operations Center (SOC) is a professional who is the prime manager of the cyber security of a company as well as dealing with security operations. They are also expected to monitor and analyze the team under them. The first and foremost goal is to prevent any kind of attacks on a network by continually keeping an eye on the possibility of threats and thereby preventing them. 

SOC Analyst training:

 1. Programming Languages and Coding:

Programming is a must-have skill for SOC Analyst, even though they are primarily involved in cybersecurity. An excellent Certified SOC Analyst will always have their hands rooted in such essential skills as knowing assorted programming languages so that they can work with other cybersecurity engineers and advisors to better regulate and avert any possible perils. SOC training involves these skills inclusive of coding and languages like Python, C++, JavaScript and much more. 

 2. Resourceful Fundamental Skills:

SOC Analyst training routine comes with the expansion of fundamental skills which will make a candidate stand out from the crowd. They are expected to have an insight into the varied aspects like IT infrastructure, network protocols, and systems, by having a hand-in-hand vision of attack vectors. A certified SOC analyst is also well aware of practical knowledge which goes beyond being just a bookworm and possessing the basic problem-solving skills which will always come in handy when they are hired for a SOC analyst role. SOC analyst training also involves critical thinking, and applying methods which help in avoiding inescapable attacks. 

 3. Network Security Control:

SOC Analyst Certifications are often involved in the rooted knowledge of how to prevent and avoid any future threats and cyber attacks which are mostly, if not always, across a network of connected devices. A certified SOC analyst is expected to know how to manage and monitor wired and wireless networks to overcome any potential threats and help in shielding it from forthcoming attacks. 

 4. Communication, collaboration and Adaptability:

A SOC Analyst must be marvellous at written and verbal communication, as well as they should be able to collaborate and team up with other members of your organization which requires the best of patience and dedication to work with and for your successful and praiseworthy career.

After being well-versed with your squad, you are expected to be two steps ahead of your mutual enemy- hackers. They are continually evolving and rapidly picking up the pace to engage in cyber crimes and as a SOC analyst, you should be able to adapt and overcome these attacks with grace. Constant study of your field and gaining fresh knowledge every day will help in this step.

Know the different stages of a SOC Analyst :

All the skills, knowledge and experience that you have been keeping safe will be revealed here and based on it, one will know which of the three tiers is he or she best suited in. All three are distinct and have various different responsibilities and roles which are crafted to guard an organization from cyber criminals. 

Tier 1 – Triage

This is the most fundamental level of a certified SOC analyst. They are the ones who have just commenced their career in this field or who have not yet polished their skills in this area.

Their primary duty is to invigilate potential threats and attacks and report them promptly. They are not yet trained to surmount such attacks yet. 

Tier 2 – Incident Response and Investigation 

They are undoubtedly more knowledgeable than the tier 1 SOC analysts. They are expected to do a similar job like the tier 1 certified SOC analyst but they are also expected to have a further reach towards the underlying threats. They gather information and work on it through numerous sources to minimize the attack of any kind of cybercrime, as well as work on identifying the source of the threat.

Tier 3 – Proactive Threat Hunting

They are the most qualified of all the tiers and do the remainder of yet crucial job of threat hunting. They, alongside supporting the tier 2 analysts, try to look further into the attacks which may have slipped through the other analysts’ eyes. 

How heavy will your pockets get after sweating these responsibilities? 

According to recent statistics, the average salary that you might receive as a certified SOC analyst is around $84,439 in the US, annually. But the salary might differ depending on the experience and how skilful he or she is. So certainly, tier 3 can await more $$$ than tier 2, followed by tier 1. 

SOC Analyst Certifications which will surely book a seat for this role

ThinkCloudly provides the best certifications for SOC analysts, and we have built some skyrocketing careers in the past and the numbers are still growing. Here, you are taught abounding skills and lessons which will ensure that no such skill or requirement is left behind which will hinder your chance to get your dream job. One is taught to analyze and monitor the attacks as well as soft skills like collaboration and management skills. 

Some other certifications which might be useful for your future as a certified SOC analyst are:

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  2. Certified Information Systems Auditor 
  3. CompTIA Security+ certificate
  4. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  5. CompTIA’s cybersecurity analyst (CySA+) 
  6. CompTIA advanced security practitioner (CASP+)


Getting that seat for your dream job can be achievable by sharpening your previously acquired skills and completing the SOC training through the best certifications for SOC analysts. This is a job that is so in demand that investment in these positions is growing rapidly, as it has become a fundamental need for any organization.