If a person is in Data Analysis or wants to become a Data Scientist, they can start getting Power BI online training which will further help them in their field or interest. Here, along with Power BI training or Power BI online training, we will also learn about Power BI pricing and Microsoft Power BI certifications. These Power BI online training courses can help you significantly in your future career in Power BI. Power BI is a valuable course and certification which is offered by Microsoft corporation which creates different types of visualization by making use of data and can give you remarkable reports as well as dashboards so that one can get the insights in their business to support them in decision making. 


Types of Power BI services –

  • Power BI desktop 
  • Power BI Web App (Power BI Service)
  • Mobile Power BI
  • Power map
  • Power view

What are the significant features of Power BI?

  • Monthly updates
  • Range of visualizations
  • Datasets filtration
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Quick insights
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Lively dashboards
  • Security

During your Power BI online training and while studying for getting your microsoft Power BI certifications, you will frequently come across these points where the main and salient features are mentioned alongside with the services that they provide which are the most important parts while getting your Power BI training. 


Main MS Power BI Online Training Courses for Beginners –

     1. Data Analysis and Visualization with Power BI

This is a broad and comprehensive course which will give you an appropriate Power BI online training from the very basics, which will help you give an overall knowledge on Power BI which makes this the best Power BI training Course for beginners. 

This Power BI Online training course is further divided into three minor courses which are :

  • Introduction to preparing and modelling data
  • Creating visualizations with Power BI
  • Advanced data analysis

The Power BI pricing for this course is $399 per month so it is a subscription based Power BI online training course. 

The benefits of getting this Power BI training course are :

  • Guidance of expert professionals who have years of experience
  • Smartly made curriculum
  • Throws light on all the aspects 
  • Timely mentor support

     2. Fundamentals of Data Visualization with Power BI

This Power BI training course is also an excellent choice which will be extremely beneficial for beginners who want to go for Power Bi training but are not familiar with it. 

This Power BI training course consists of two minor courses like :

  • Analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI
  • Essentials of data literacy

The Power BI pricing of this course is $358 one time, which makes it one of the most affordable Microsoft Power BI certifications. 

The advantages of getting this Power BI online Training course are : 

  • Smartly crafted curriculum
  • Easily digestible lessons 
  • Easy to read transcripts
  • Get your hands on various case studies

     3. Microsoft Power BI – A Complete Introduction 

This Power BI Online training course is the perfect match for beginners who want to know about Power BIfrom scratch. 

The Power BI pricing of this course is not more than $20 – $30 which makes this a good choice for Microsoft Power BI certifications training. 

The advantages of learning this Power BI training course are: 

  • Good choice for developers
  • In depth lessons
  • Under the guidance of experts

     4. Exam PL-300 : Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst 

This pl 300 certification will help you get recognition among others when you pass the pl 300 certification exam as it is a renowned Power BI Online training course. It is an exam which beginners should definitely go for. 

The Power BI pricing of this Microsoft Power BI certification (PL 300 certification) is $165. 

Advantages of PL 300 certification :

  • Career advancement
  • Affordable cost and flexible time
  • Skill development 

Overall, PL 300 certification is worth getting to get good jobs and build a successful career. 

     5. Power BI A-Z: Hands-on Power BI Training for Data Scientist

This is an excellent Power BI Online Training course which is good for Data Scientists. This is an all inclusive course which will assist you in getting your hands on the overall fundamentals and aspects of Power BI.

Advantages of getting this Power BI Online Training Course : 

  • Learn how to connect MS Power BI to data sources
  • Learning how to create Barcharts in Power BI
  • Creating Treemaps 
  • Creating donut charts, waterfall diagrams and pie charts


Looking at all these Power BI online training courses for beginners, one can choose which Microsoft Power BI certification to go for for the best possible training and skill training. The Power BI pricing of these Power BI online courses is also pretty much affordable which make them ideal for everyone.