For those looking to begin their journey into the field of Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification, it is important to select a path that provides an adequate foundation while matching their professional goals and interests. The “optimal” certification path is not something that can be determined by any one factor, although there are some opportunities that are especially good for newcomers. This article covers the different AWS certification paths that are best suited for beginners. let’s start

Best AWS Certifications for beginners

These are some of the best AWS certifications for beginners

1) AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • No Prerequisites: The Cloud Practitioner certification does not require any prior AWS expertise, making it suitable for beginners.
  • Comprehensive Scope: AWS includes a wide range of services to help beginners learn the basics of cloud computing.
  • Foundational Knowledge: It provides a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of the AWS cloud, setting the foundation for additional learning.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: Opens opportunities for entry-level Cloud Practitioner positions, which act as a springboard for future career advancement in cloud computing.
  • Accessible Resources: Beginners can benefit from abundant study materials, online courses, and practice exams to help them prepare.

2) AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate

  • Foundation in AWS: While prior expertise is recommended, newcomers with basic AWS understanding can understand the principles.
  • High Demand: The high demand for solution architects creates the potential for professional growth.
  • Career Growth: It facilitates career advancement in the field of cloud computing by opening doors to positions such as solution architect, cloud consultant, and cloud engineer.
  • Comprehensive Study Resources: Many study resources and online courses accommodate different learning preferences and styles.
  • Practical Focus: It provides invaluable practical experience and emphasizes building scalable, fault-tolerant, and economically viable systems.
AWS Certification Path for Beginners
AWS Certification Path for Beginners

3) AWS Certified Developer-Associate:

  • Focus on Development: For those who are new to software development, it provides a clear path forward by emphasizing AWS development capabilities like AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and DynamoDB.
  • Entry-Level Requirements: Beginners are able to obtain the AWS Certified Developer-Associate certification because it does not require much prior expertise.
  • Practical Experience: The certification provides newcomers with important practical skills by requiring hands-on experience with AWS projects, AWS SDKs, and development tools.
  • Comprehensive Study Resources: There are plenty of study guides, online classes, and practice tests available to help beginners prepare for certification.
  • Career Opportunities: This is an attractive option for newcomers looking to improve their career as it opens the door to positions like software engineer, DevOps engineer, and AWS developer.

4) AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate:

  • Prerequisites: Although it is recommended to have a basic understanding of AWS, beginners with a strong desire to learn can pick up the capabilities through committed study and practice.
  • Foundational Concepts: It gives newcomers a thorough overview of cloud infrastructure by introducing them to basic AWS services and system management responsibilities.
  • Preparation Resources: To help newcomers prepare for the certification exam, a plethora of study resources, online courses, and mock exams are offered.
  • Career Relevance: It provides a defined career path within the AWS ecosystem and trains newcomers for positions as cloud operations engineers or system administrators.
  • Hands-on Experience: Through real-world situations and practical exercises, the certification enables novices to gain essential practical experience with AWS administration tools.

Choosing the Right Path for beginners

The following elements should be kept in mind while choosing the best AWS certification for beginners:

  • Career Goals: Determine your long-term professional goals in the field of cloud computing. Choose a certification that best suits your goals, as different certifications are designed for different positions and specializations.
  • Current Skill Level: Evaluate your level of familiarity and understanding with AWS and cloud computing. Some qualifications are suitable for beginners, while others may require specific skills.
  • Interest and Aptitude: Think about your skills and interests in different AWS domains. For example, the solution architect path may be a good fit if you enjoy building and architecting solutions, but the developer path may be a better fit if you are more interested in development.
  • Market Demand: Check out the demand for specific AWS qualifications in your area or region, as well as developments in the job market. High-demand certifications can improve your earning potential and job prospects.
  • Study Resources: Check out the resources available for each certification path, including study guides, online courses, practice tests, and community support. Proper preparation is essential to passing the AWS test.


For beginners looking to begin their journey into AWS certification, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate, AWS Certified Developer-Associate, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate paths are excellent choices. By carefully evaluating your career goals, current skill level, and hobbies, you can select the optimal AWS certification path to start your cloud computing career. Remember that easily accessible study resources, a true mentor, and AWS best practices can increase your chances of passing your AWS certification exams and advancing your career in the cloud.