AWS Lambda is a compute service that helps a user code without the further need of provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda can be used for various scenarios like :

  • File processing
  • Stream processing
  • Web applications
  • IoT backends
  • Mobile backends

Few key features of AWS Lambda are :

  • Configuring function options
  • Environment variables
  • Versions
  • Container images
  • Layers
  • Lambda extensions
  • Function URLs
  • Response streaming
  • Concurrency and scaling controls
  • Code signalling
  • Private networking
  • File system access
  • Lambda SnapStart for Java

It is extremely important to know about all the AWS Web Services including AWS Lambda and to know it in detail and make use of it in your future career, one can get AWS certifications and choose the AWS certification path to stand out in the crowd. And to further go for interviews, we have also mentioned many interview questions for various different AWS Web Services which one can find on the ThinkCloudly Blogs section. Here we are going to discuss some of the most important AWS Lambda interview questions to help you crack your upcoming interview.

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An AWS Cloud Practitioner has one of the most responsible roles in cloud computing as they are in charge of managing a business’ cloud infrastructure. 

On an average, a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner can earn around $160,000 to $18,000 per year in the US which makes becoming an AWS Cloud Practitioner worth it. 

Some useful AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications are :

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate

One can become a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner by getting some of these AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications

Here are some important AWS Lambda interview questions which are essential for people who are preparing for their upcoming AWS Lambda interview :


      Q1. What are the languages supported by AWS Lambda?

Ans. In these AWS Lambda interview questions, one can name all the languages or some of the languages which are supported by AWS Lambda –

  • Java
  • Python 
  • Js
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • PowerShell

     Q2. What are the limitations of AWS Lambda?

Ans. This is a commonly asked AWS web services question which can be one of the commonly asked AWS Lambda interview questions.

  • The default deployment package size is 50 
  • The ephemeral disk space is only limited to 512 MB 
  • The execution takes a long time when the memory allocation is low
  • The memory range is between 128 and 10,240 MB
  • The maximum execution timeout for a function is 15 minutes

      Q3. List what all can be built with AWS Lambda.

Ans. Here, in such AWS Lambda interview questions, one cannot give a brief of anything, so during such AWS Lambda interview questions, you can just start listing down the sundry things which can be built with AWS Lambda –

  • Real-time file processing
  • Sorting real-time stream processing
  • Data processing
  • Data validation
  • Filtering
  • Third-party API requests

      Q4. Everyone knows the benefits of using AWS Lambda, but what are the disadvantages of using it?

Ans. Here, in such AWS Lambda interview questions, don’t just say that it is extremely beneficial and so it does not have any cons. Just list some of the inconveniences that come with using AWS Lambda. 

  • Debugging
  • Testing in separate environments is preferred
  • Time Out of just 15 minutes which makes it difficult to perform a task more than that impossible
  • Expensive if running a high traffic application which processes the requests 24/7

      Q5. What are the three components of AWS Lambda?

  • Function
  • Configuration
  • Event source

      Q6. How can one test Lambda in AWS?

Ans. One can just give a step by step guide for such AWS Lambda interview questions. This is an important AWS web services related question and is essential for your AWS certification path.

  1. First, open the function page of the Lambda console
  2. Then, choose the name of the function that you want to test
  3. Select the test tab
  4. Below the test event, one can choose create new event or edit saved event and then select the event that one wants
  5. One can even select a template for the event JSON but it is optional
  6. Choose test

      Q7. How much RAM can AWS Lambda handle?

Ans. Not all AWS Lambda interview questions need a whole explanation. One can just answer in one word. 

One can configure the amount of memory allocated to a Lambda function, between 128 MB and 10,240 MB.

      Q8. How many cores does Lambda use?

Ans. 6 vCPU cores.

      Q9. What are the benefits of using a server-less approach?

Ans. Another important AWS Lambda interview question which is crucial while learning about the AWS web services and getting an AWS certification while choosing an AWS certification path. 

One can again just list the advantages of using a server-less approach while answering these AWS Lambda interview questions. 

  • Using a server-less approach grants quick time to market and get better sales by utilizing uncomplicated operations. 
  • Users can save money by just paying for the code during its compilation which also results in more profit.
  • The management of the components of broader applications is much easier even when they are in the required additional infrastructure. 


Here are some crucial and must learn AWS Lambda interview questions which are recommended for everyone who chose the AWS certification path and are interested in getting the AWS certification. These AWS Lambda interview questions will help in understanding the AWS web services better and will assist you in cracking your upcoming interview for your successful AWS certification path.