Introduction Top 10 RPA Certifications and Online Training

Robotics process automation (RPA) has come up as an eminent technology for streamlining business processes in an industry or organisation. As enterprises increasingly adopt RPA, which relies on software robots to automate exhausting tasks, expertise with RPA tools and implementations will become more important for business analysts, business intelligence developers, data or solution architects, and system integrators or administrators, among other IT domains.

To assist, get IT workers up to speed and deliver on the business benefits of process automation, RPA vendors provide training and certifications specific to the tools they offer.

Here listing of top 10 RPA certifications:

These certifications not only validate one’s RPA skills but also offer illustrative knowledge of the latest automation technologies. In the blog, we will delve into the top 10 RPA certifications and online training programs that have gained recognition in this domain.

1. UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification:

 It is one of the dominant RPA platforms, and its certification program is highly recommended. The Advanced Certification envelopes advanced-level concepts and practical applications of UiPath RPA technology which makes it a mandatory credential for RPA developers.

2. Blue Prism Developer Certification:

The Blue Prism’s Developer Certification program is anticipated for individuals looking to demonstrate their expertise in developing and deploying automation solutions using the Blue Prism platform. This certification approves one’s ability to work with Blue Prism’s RPA tools effectively and efficiently.

3. Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional:

 Automation Anywhere’s certification program is focused on advanced RPA skills and best practices. It envelopes topics such as advanced automation techniques, RPA governance, and bot security, equipping experts with the knowledge to implement complex automation solutions.

4. Microsoft Certified: Power Platform RPA Developer Associate:

This certification is for those who are developers and create RPA solutions that use Microsoft Power Platform components. Besides, it also demonstrates proficiency in implementing AI Builder and UI flows, which makes it a valuable certification for experts integrating RPA with Microsoft technologies.

5. Pega Certified Robotics System Architect (CRSA):

Pega’s CRSA certification program is planned for RPA professionals who want to exhibit their expertise in developing and deploying robotic automation solutions using the Pega platform. This certification is highly recommended for its focus on Pega’s RPA capabilities.

6. AA Certified RPA Professional:

This Automation Anywhere certification is a program which focuses on foundational RPA skills and knowledge, also it covers the basics of Automation Anywhere’s RPA platform and equips professionals with the basic skills required to develop and deploy automation solutions.

7. Certified RPA Professional by the Institute for RPA & AI (IRPA AI):

IRPA AI’s Certified RPA Professional program offers a comprehensive understanding of RPA concepts, tools, and best practices. This certification is recognised for its holistic approach to RPA education and its emphasis on industry-relevant skills.

8. WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Professional Certification:

WorkFusion’s Certification program is designed for experts looking to demonstrate their competence in implementing intelligent automation solutions. It envelops a wide array of topics, which includes cognitive automation and machine learning, which makes it an important credential for professionals working with advanced automation technologies.

9. Kofax RPA Developer Certification:

Kofax’s RPA Developer Certification program keeps its focal point on equipping professionals with the skills to enhance and deploy automation solutions using the Kofax RPA platform. The certification is recognised for its significance in practical, hands-on experience in implementing Kofax RPA solutions.

10. RPA Developer Foundation Training by LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning provides a comprehensive RPA Developer Foundation Training program which covers the basics of RPA, as it includes key concepts, tools, and implementation strategies. The training program is ideal for beginners looking to enter the domain of RPA and gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals.


In conclusion, we come to the outcome that these top 10 RPA certifications and online training programs provide a wide range of learning opportunities for experts looking to boost their RPA skills and knowledge. Whether you’re an advanced-level RPA developer or a beginner looking to enter the domain, these certifications and training programs offer valuable insights into the world of robotics process automation and also enable you to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.